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In einem Themenhotel ist für Abwechslung gesorgt, Bild: I-ing / shutterstock

Holidays in a themed hotel for a break far away from the typical hotel ambience

With distinctive design concepts, themed hotels create an unforgettable holiday experience. Clever concepts take guests into a parallel universe – loving details make up the special charm. Themed hotels catapult guests into bygone eras, pick up on sci-fi themes or immerse visitors in another culture. The creative concepts are not only convincing with a special design. Activities and events are precisely tailored to the topic – for an excellent customer experience that will be remembered for a long time.

Insider tips in Germany – curious or atmospheric

If you want to experience an unforgettable stay in a themed hotel, you don’t have to travel far. In Germany , there are varied locations that are a guarantee for a special holiday. Car fans get their money’s worth at the V8 Hotel in Böblingen near Stuttgart . Each room has an individual design. Classic cars and racing cars were integrated into the exciting concept. Since the location is close to the Motorworld Region Stuttgart, guests can design leisure activities to match the theme. An overnight stay in the tree house is a special experience for children and adults. The Tree Inn in Lower Saxony offers luxurious sleeping facilities at lofty heights. The charming wooden houses are equipped with underfloor heating, air conditioning, a minibar, comfortable sleeping and sitting areas, a jacuzzi and a roof terrace with lounge furniture. Large panoramic windows provide a view of nature and the adjacent enclosure with hand-reared gray wolves. The Igloo Lodge in the Allgäu is located at an altitude of 2,000 metres and is an unusual event location in a class of its own. Atmospheric lighting concepts, excellent insulation and soft skins ensure cosiness. In the ice hotel, guests can enjoy 2- and 4-seater igloos, a luxurious igloo suite, barrel saunas and an artistically designed ice bar. Fans of Miss Marple, Inspector Barnaby or Sherlock Holmes will feel right at home at the Krimihotel Hillesheim in the Eifel. All rooms and suites are dedicated to well-known crime luminaries.

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Varied themed hotels in the capital

Berlin offers many options for holiday experiences of a special kind. The theme hotel Ostel is located in the district of Friedrichshain. The entire interior is furnished in the style of the GDR. The location is located in a prefabricated building, which gives authenticity. If you love nostalgia, you can enjoy typical East German charm in the style of the 80s in the Ostel. However, guests should not expect luxury, as the hotel cannot offer more than one star – authentically East German in GDR times. Hotel Provocateur Berlin takes guests back to the “Golden Twenties”. The luxurious Art Deco décor features velvet-covered beds and armchairs, elegant lighting and gold fittings in the bathroom. An atmospheric bar and a cosy restaurant round off the successful overall concept. If you love music, you can look forward to a break at the nhow Musikhotel Berlin. The theme hotel of the NH Hotel Group harmoniously harmonizes futuristic design elements and design elements from different eras. The event location in Berlin-Friedrichshain with a view of the Spree is completely dedicated to the topic of culture with changing art exhibitions and regular newcomer concerts. A spa, large rooms for business events as well as private events and two professional music recording studios are part of the exciting concept.

Mars themed hotel in planning

North of Nuremberg, in Auerbach, the themed hotel “Gate to Mars” is to be built by 2026. The ambitious hotel project is dedicated to the vastness of space and aims to offer guests a special experience. An artificial crater is to be created on an area of 60,000 square meters, on which the hotel will be built. The design is intended to convey the feeling of being in a space station on Mars. Beds as sleeping capsules, an entrance area with Hyperloop tubes, a special soundscape, light effects and culinary space meals create the basis for an adventure stay of a special kind. The hotel wants to provide scientific information as an information center for Mars research. Cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) and international institutions is planned. At the heart of the hotel concept is the consideration of what life on Mars could actually look like. The budget for the project is 30 million euros. After completion, an overnight stay will cost about 150 euros.

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Exciting international themed hotels

Arctic Hotel Kakslauttanen is located in the middle of unspoilt nature in the north of Finland. Guests stay in glass igloos that offer a view of the starry sky – this is ideal for observing stars and northern lights without disturbing light pollution. The Swiss Chocolate Hotel in Zurich is completely dedicated to sweet chocolate culture. The theme is taken up in the design concept and with details such as a chocolate fountain at the reception. At Cappadocia Cave Resort in Turkey , guests stay in caves or all-stone suites and rooms nestled directly against the surrounding cliffs. If you want to travel to Tokyo, you can experience a futuristic sleeping capsule concept at the Nine Hours Hotel in Kyoto .