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Der Kalterer See ist ein herrliches Urlaubsziel für die gesamte Familie, Bild: Sigena-S. / shutterstock

Holidays at Lake Caldaro: One of the most beautiful areas in South Tyrol

South Tyrol is probably one of the most popular holiday regions for Germans. And while South Tyrol is beautiful in itself, there are of course still some special treasures. The region around Lake Caldaro is definitely one of them. This article reveals what holidaymakers can expect there, what sights are available and how the holiday can be spent.

What are the highlights of a holiday at Lake Caldaro?

Lake Caldaro is fantastically nestled between hills and mountains. Vineyards line it, as do the two villages of Caldaro and Termemin. The lake is the warmest bathing lake in the Alps and promises enjoyment, relaxation, sports and, of course, cultural highlights. An overview:

  • Localities – Caldaro and Termeno are the two areas of land that each have other villages. Klughammer, for example, is located on the eastern shore of the lake and is home to the Laimburg and Leuchtenburg Castles. It probably dates back to 1,200 AD. And was extensively restored in the last century. Now it is not only a hiking destination, it offers a magnificent view of Lake Caldaro. The village of Termeno is the centre of the community. The Church of St. James in Kastelaz and the Hoamet Tramin Museum are located here.
  • Leisure – events take place around the lake, which of course attract visitors, especially in the summer and winter months. Lake Caldaro and its region offer highlights for families with children as well as for couples or solo travellers. Dogs are also welcome.
  • Sports – mountain biking, hiking, swimming, an adventure park, windsurfing, other water sports – if you want to plunge actively into your holiday, you will not experience boredom in the region. Culture – a wine-growing region certainly invites you to experience the art of viticulture. But castles, palaces, various churches and the convent of the Tertiary Sisters are also waiting to be explored.
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The villages are quite a tourist center, but they are not characterized by the large hotels as you know them from other areas or countries. It’s small, cozy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hotels. The large hotel visitor would only notice them less, because he would call them an inn. And that’s true. But what is there in general? After all, holidaymakers must have accommodation:

  • Hotels – there are hotels in almost all small villages and the two centres. An example: The Hotel Seeleiten is a 5-star hotel in South Tyrol where you can do wine tastings – directly on Lake Caldaro. So if you want to treat yourself to something special on holiday, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Directly in Caldaro, even a farm holiday awaits.
  • Apartments/holiday homes – they can also be rented. It is not uncommon for them to be located directly in the landlord’s house.
  • Campsites – two campsites also attract holidaymakers. They offer direct access to the lake with a bathing area. Depending on your budget and needs, different pitches can be selected. On the Italian side, there is a campsite that maintains an additional guesthouse.

It makes sense to be interested in accommodation as early as possible and to book them. Especially during the holiday periods, the region is extremely popular and cheap guesthouses are often fully booked.

Planning finances: How much does the trip cost?

Lake Caldaro, South Tyrol
Natural beauty – Lake Caldaro offers the opportunity to simply come down, Image: gikka / shutterstock

There is a popular answer among lawyers: It depends. Of course, it is impossible to determine the cost of vacation from a distance, because several factors play a role:

  • Number of people – a single traveler is cheaper than a family in terms of basic costs. Especially since for a family, the food and snacks on the excursions take a heavy toll on their wallets.
  • Accommodation – a simple pitch at the campsite costs less than a two-week stay in a first-class hotel, even for a family.

In order to calculate the trip, travelers must therefore know their needs and ideas – and compare them with the available budget. When the financial situation is tight, there are a few tricks and tricks:

  • Savings – the accommodations at Lake Caldaro are all beautifully located. However, if you decide to live outside a center, you have to walk to the lake, but the overnight stay is much cheaper.
  • Offers – even in holiday regions, there are always special offers that deal with the local highlights. It is worth browsing the Internet. Who knows, maybe there will be a wine tour at a discounted price.
  • On-site budget – this is one of the most important elements of a holiday. The travel costs around the hotel are often paid in advance. But especially on site, a sufficient budget is important so that the attractions can be experienced and perhaps a water sport can be learned.
  • Possibilities – it has long been common practice to finance a holiday. Many loan offers are based on holiday financing. If you don’t like to travel without a nest egg, you can, for example, choose microloans with a very short term. But a larger loan is also a good idea, especially if other purchases are pending anyway.
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In principle, however, the financing must be on a secure footing. If there is a comparatively small amount of pocket money left over for locality, you may want to save on the accommodation costs. Smaller guesthouses or holiday apartments are cheaper, but guests have to feed themselves there. Local food is more expensive than in Germany, but this does not apply to all products.

Conclusion – the holiday is calling

Lake Caldaro is already waiting for tourists. By the way, the water temperature is currently 25 degrees Celsius and lures young and old guests into the pleasant water. Of the lakes in the Alps, Lake Caldaro is the one with the highest average water temperature, which is why it attracts some die-hards even in the winter months. There are at least enough accommodations in the region. Many of them offer a direct view of the vineyards, if the accommodation is not in the middle of a vineyard. But camping enthusiasts will also find excellent parking facilities along the lake, of course always with electricity and water in the complete package.