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Im Westen der USA warten drei spannende Städte darauf, entdeckt zu werden. Los Angeles im sonnigen Kalifornien ist eine davon, die sich niemand entgehen lassen sollte, Bild: IM_photo / shutterstock

Everyone should visit these cities in the west of the USA at least once

The United States of America, the land of unlimited opportunities, is a travel destination of a very special kind. From east to west and north to south, the 50 states offer a multifaceted scenery that is second to none. As a particularly diverse travel destination, the USA offers exactly the right opportunities for every wish and every type of traveler to get your money’s worth. A particularly popular region of the USA is the West, where three fabulous cities with skyscrapers scratching the clouds, impressive buildings and glittering entertainment in a class of their own provide unique experiences. In sunny California, San Francisco offers a special flair with the Golden Gate Bridge. As an entertainment metropolis, Las Vegas glitters in the middle of the Nevada desert. Home to stars and starlets and long sandy beaches, Los Angeles is a dime a dozen. The three metropolises in the west of the USA are always worth a trip and should be visited by everyone.

San Francisco

The vibrant city of San Francisco is located in northern California and is bursting with cultural impressions and exciting sights. San Francisco is just the 13th largest city in the USA, but has the second highest population density in the country after New York. And not without reason, because the city has a unique culture and a very special flair that attracts visitors and Americans alike to the bay in Northern California. San Francisco is known for its old gondolas, which run through the city on rails and are reminiscent of times gone by. Located directly in the bay, San Francisco offers an exciting waterfront waterfront district that attracts people in droves to the piers, who like to watch the many sea lions sleep and take advantage of the entertainment on offer. San Francisco is also known for its world-class cuisine, with some of the country’s best restaurants and numerous Michelin-starred chefs setting the scene to give the vibrant city a culinary star.

In San Francisco, visitors are truly spoilt for choice: What to see first? For most people, the answer here is most likely the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco’s absolute landmark. The bridge, which is over 2.7 kilometers long, is already over 80 years old, it connects San Francisco with the Marin counties and is now one of the most famous bridges in the world. Visitors can walk over it or bike or drive across it for stunning views of the bridge and San Francisco from the Marin Headlands. Fisherman’s Wharf on the waterfront is also a popular address. The harbour district offers an outstanding atmosphere with lots of tasty fish specialities and particularly sweet inhabitants: the sea lions. All fans of the film “The Rock” will not want to miss the former island prison Alcatraz. Afterwards, Union Square and Ghirardelli Square offer plenty of shopping opportunities and world-class cafés and restaurants.

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Las Vegas
The city that never sleeps in the middle of the Nevada desert: Las Vegas awaits visitors with glittering nightlife and glamorous casinos, Image: somchaij / shutterstock

Las Vegas

Las Vegas into a glittering and dazzling metropolis that rises up in the middle of the desert of the US state of Nevada. It is known worldwide and is the number one entertainment destination internationally. Fabulous world-class shows, clubs and parties that never end, first-class cuisine at trendy restaurants, flashing advertisements and one glamorous casino and resort after another – boredom is not the order of the day in Las Vegas under any circumstances. The desert city is a hotspot of entertainment and that’s exactly why people from all over the world love it.

The main attraction of the city is undoubtedly the many casinos that line up along and around the Las Vegas Strip. Names such as Bellagio, Wynn, Hard Rock, Venetian and Cosmopolitan are internationally known and not only attract playful tourists, but are also a popular holiday destination for the stars and starlets who travel from Hollywood, only 277 kilometres away, for a weekend full of fun. Celebrities like Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and John Cusack like to arrive in Las Vegas to enjoy themselves natively. At the gaming tables of the casinos, they have already bet their chips in blackjack, baccarat, craps and co. and caused a sensation. The casinos in Las Vegas are truly entertainment centers of a very special kind, each offering unique experiences. Just a moment ago you were still in ancient Egypt in the Luxor, already you are in the modern, chic The Cosmopolitan. From the idyllic artificial Venetian canal in the Venetian to the ancient Roman flair in The Caesar’s Palace to the French Square in Paris Las Vegas. There is always something to marvel at.

While the casinos alone can fill days with entertainment, impressions, shopping and lots of games, the offer in Las Vegas goes even further. The stages of the desert metropolis are the venue for outstanding concerts and shows by international stars. From musicians such as Christina Aguilera, Santana, Shania Twain to comedy shows such as The Blue Man Group or the legendary Absinthe Show at Caesar’s Palace to the acrobatic show of Cirque du Soleil, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the outstanding evening program in Las Vegas. Luckily, however, you can never go wrong, because all of the shows will amaze you.

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Los Angeles

The City of Angels, a vibrant metropolis in southern California that combines cultural and historical diversity, first-class star cuisine, exciting shows and events, adrenaline-pumping amusement parks and endless sandy beaches into a unique city. Los Angeles is packed with a seemingly endless array of attractions and activities to suit everyone. Whether you go in search of celebrities in Beverly Hills, read the many well-known names on the Walk of Fame or feel like a VIP in the chic designer shops, the cinema screen truly comes to life in Los Angeles. A popular attraction in Los Angeles in this context is the legendary Hollywood font in the hills of Beverly Hills, which can be seen particularly well from Griffith Park. Here you can also take an extensive look over the legendary skyscrapers of Los Angeles. The streets of Los Angeles are full of glitz and glamour, which can be seen in immaculate mansions, perfectly trimmed palm trees and picture-perfect streets.

But Los Angeles is not only Big City Life, because the fabulous dream beaches from Malibu and Santa Monica to Long Beach invite all sun worshippers to relax and stroll. As if you were in the film yourself, the white sandy beaches stretch out in front of you. Perfectly manicured beaches, fringed with tall palm trees, tanned people as far as the eye can see, heavenly promenades and exciting piers show the relaxed life in Los Angeles. If you want, you can just feel the warm rays of the sun on your skin or grab a board to plunge into the waves on the surf beaches. Whether Santa Monica, Venice Beach or Malibu, there is a unique atmosphere everywhere, which makes visitors rave, especially at sunset. The tall palm trees, the sound of the waves, the setting fireball and in the background the big city offer an atmosphere beyond compare.

The USA is an outstanding travel destination of a very special kind. Special highlights are the three cities in the west of the States, all of which have their own flair. San Francisco in northern California, Las Vegas in the Nevada desert and Los Angeles in Southern California are all destinations that everyone should definitely visit.