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Entspannung pur in der wundervollen Natur der Lüneburger Heide, Bild: Adrian Agylar / shutterstock

Holidays in the Lüneburg Heath

The Lüneburg Heath is generally considered one of the most beautiful areas in Germany and is a true treasure of nature. However, it is much more than one of the green lungs of the country, but offers the right options for holidays for very different requirements. From hiking and sports to wellness and discovering a region that is known to many people by name but has rarely been visited, there are a variety of options for your own trip. By the way, this applies not only to the many visitors from Hamburg, Hanover or Bremen, but of course also to the many weekend vacationers who want to have a great time.

What are the special features of the Lüneburg Heath?

The Lüneburg Heath is a mixture of nature parks and a unique region of heathland, as they were the norm in northern Germany in earlier times. Due to urbanization and changes in the landscape, however, this image can be found today and in this form almost exclusively in Lüneburg – at most around Husum similar landscapes can still be found on this scale. In addition, the region benefits from the direct proximity to such centers as Hamburg, Hanover, Braunschweig or Bremen.

The centre of the Lüneburg Heath is the city of Lüneburg itself. It is not only characterized by its beautiful old town, but is considered one of the most important cities for students with a university that has a very good reputation. It is above all the many different landscapes and excursion destinations, the sometimes untouched nature and, last but not least, Lüneburg itself that make the region one of the most important centres for tourism in northern Germany. With moors, lakes, extensive meadows, small streams and rivers, the area is particularly popular with holidaymakers who want to break out of the big city at the weekend and experience a little nature.

Our hotel tip: If you are looking for a beautiful, cheap and popular hotel for your stay in the Lüneburg Heath, you will find it in the residential city of Celle. The family-run Heidekönig Hotel Celle scores with modern rooms and the gourmet insider tip La Brasserie.

The most beautiful destinations in and around the Lüneburg Heath

Alter Kran, Lüneburg
The old crane, a landmark of the city of Lüneburg, Image: Vaflya / shutterstock

Those who decide to travel to the heath usually want to see a lot of the local nature. Places such as the Pietzmoor, an 8,000-year-old moor, are just as popular as the Wilseder Berg. At 169 metres, it may not seem particularly high to anyone from the south of Germany, but for the flat country in the north it is a remarkable elevation from which you can see as far as Hamburg on a good day. The Luesswald is a primeval forest that shows what it must have looked like here thousands of years ago, while in the Büsenbach valley you can observe the dominant and classic landscape of the heath – especially recommended when the heath blooms again in the late spring months.

In addition, they have of course comprehensively adapted to the visitors who come to the region for nature and landscape. For example, there are a variety of cycle paths and even European hiking trails that lead through the most beautiful parts of the heath. Almost all sights are easy to reach on foot and the signage along the way points out some special plants or one or the other cultural development. All in all, you are in the right place here if you want to move through nature. Or if you just want to lie by one of the many small lakes and enjoy the sounds around you.

By the way: If you like a little more action, there are many interesting wildlife and leisure parks in the region. The wildlife parks in particular are once again concerned with the local flora and fauna. With the Heidepark Soltau, you also have one of the most famous amusement parks in Germany right on your doorstep and thus fun for the whole family as an option for an excursion.

Lüneburg – History, people and culinary delights

The Hanseatic City of Lüneburg has a diverse and eventful history behind it. It was already the centre of trade in the region and, among other things, the salt capital of Germany – on which the wealth of the former merchant town was based. Over the decades, it became the hometown of a German prince and has retained much of its original charm over the past few centuries. The beautiful old town with its churches and gabled houses gives an idea of how things must have been done here in the highest times of the Hanseatic League and how the merchants lived in the best place in the city.

Lüneburg Harbour is one of many sights. In general, a not inconsiderable part of the historic buildings has been preserved and the damage caused by the war was also quickly repaired. Today, the city is also a centre for students and the nightlife is correspondingly active if you are looking for a different form of entertainment after a long hike through the moors. The charm is rounded off with the typical style and cuisine of northern Germany. Hearty food can be found on every corner and the small shops invite you to one or the other trip.

The Lüneburg Heath, including Lüneburg itself, is therefore a diverse and interesting region that is interesting for a wide variety of activities. A holiday here is worthwhile both alone and with the whole family – because there are many things to discover and experience.