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Mit dem Boot die Ostsee erkunden, Bild: Alex Stemmers / shutterstock

Explore the Baltic Sea by boat

Take the boat out into the big wide sea. The fresh air blows into your face, the song of the seagulls sounds and the sound of the waves surrounds you. Is there anything more beautiful? Simply drive to wherever you spontaneously feel like it, explore beautiful places and harbours, find fantastic beaches, enjoy picturesque bays and simply switch off. That sounds like a plan? Then be curious about what else the Baltic Sea has to offer!

City trip along the Peene

Rent a boat or rent one (tip: rent a boat in the Baltic Sea) and you’re ready to go. This tour starts in the cute, small community of Neukalen. Here you will find quaint monuments, a great, small old town and restaurants that will spoil your palate. After this detour, you continue by boat to Verchen. The village, located at the northeast end of Lake Kummerow, is something very special, because the village impresses with its location and beautiful nature. A water hiking rest area and various beaches are just waiting to be found by you. By the way, in Verchen you will find the largest low moor landscape in the entire European region! The tour continues, you set off for Demmin.

Nature tourists in particular get their money’s worth here. In addition, the Hanseatic city of Demmin offers many venerable buildings, including the Marienhain, which was named after St. Mary’s Church. It stood there until 1630, when it was completely destroyed. Off to the boat and on to Jarmen. Here, too, you will find various water hiking rest areas that offer pure idyll. Great church buildings and an old well, integrated into a restaurant, are special sights. We continue on the Peene to Anklam. This is where the Peene ends. But before that, there is still a lot to see. In addition to beautiful windmills and time-honoured buildings, you can expect a wonderful park and cultural institutions. The best thing about this tour is that the whole open Baltic Sea is now in front of you.

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Island hopping in the Baltic Sea

Usedom Baltic Sea
An absolute Baltic Sea highlight: Usedom, Image: travelpeter / shutterstock

In the German Baltic Sea alone, there are over 50 islands, but not all of them are inhabited. The largest and most inhabited of these islands are Rügen, Usedom, Fehmarn, Poel, Ummanz and Hiddensee. Each one has its own special charm. It is therefore definitely worthwhile to charter a boat and then go on a big tour.


On Rügen, the chalk cliffs are particularly admirable. The insanely imposing sea view at this point takes everyone’s breath away. You also have to see the Sellin pier, which offers a truly amazing panorama.


Usedom offers white beaches and stunning sand sculptures. There are great lidos to be found there and on Usedom, family holidays are always a great idea. From the butterfly farm to the mini golf courses to ostrich farms, everything is possible here. Here you can experience the entire diversity of the Baltic Sea!


Fehmarn is known, among other things, for the magnificent Fehmarnsund Bridge, which offers a brilliant sight, especially at sunrise and sunset. There is also something for rock music fans. The Jimi Hendrix memorial stone is placed here, commemorating the talented musician. Furthermore, the many mills and lighthouses here are always worth a visit.


Poel, Baltic Sea
The Baltic Sea island of Poel, Image: Sina Ettmer Photography / shutterstock

Poel has various harbours on offer, which are particularly popular with water sports enthusiasts. Nature fans are also well catered for here, because the bird sanctuary island of Langendwerder is predestined to observe colourful and cheerful mudflats and water birds. With experienced guides, you can get all the information you need here.

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Ummanz may be less well known, but it is no less beautiful. This small island represents the idyll in its purest form. Green, flat areas, farms, streams, rivers and home-style restaurants. The sight alone conveys such a calm and relaxed atmosphere that Ummanz should not be left out of an island hopping tour.


Hiddensee is something for all those who love romantic nature. Untouched land meets sandbanks and cliffs. Here you can see sights that you don’t see often these days. A dreamlike natural paradise awaits you, where endangered animal species are protected by a national park. Hiddensee is an absolute must on your itinerary through the Baltic Sea!

If you decide to rent or borrow a boat, don’t save at the wrong end. It is better to rent it a little longer than too short. Not that you end up getting annoyed because you had to miss out on one of these beautiful destinations. It is definitely worthwhile to explore the Baltic Sea extensively and to give each anchor point enough time. Pack your partner, family or friends, rent a boat and go exploring! You can live on such an adventure for the rest of your life. Of course, a boat license is a prerequisite for such a longer trip. But even if you don’t have one yet, it’s definitely worth tackling. The Baltic Sea simply has too many beautiful spots on earth that need to be explored. So what are you waiting for?

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