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Ein Konzert lässt sich hervorragend mit einem Kurzurlaub verbinden, Bild: Melinda Nagy / shutterstock

Event with short break: pure relaxation and an unforgettable pleasure

A great event has been announced, and you want to be part of it. The only catch: the whole thing takes place at a remote location. Round-trip travel in one day is not possible, you must stay at least once. Before you think long and hard about whether this trip is an option for you, and shake your head in disappointment, consider a short vacation.

Accommodation during a short break

According to the definition, a short vacation lasts two to four days, from five days experts speak of a vacation trip. Short trips are in vogue, and the offers are correspondingly varied. It is easy to find holiday apartments for two to three nights, and guesthouses and hotels are also geared towards short breaks. If you want to travel by motorhome or bus, ask the city for suitable parking spaces at the local campsite or in the city. Accommodation for a weekend or a few days during the week is usually no problem.

It becomes more difficult in the high season. Then it can be scarcer with accommodation. Therefore, you should be informed about the planned event early on and start looking for a place to sleep immediately. This also applies to a trip to nearby countries.

Which events are worth a short break?

There is no question that you will stay in the village for several nights at a multi-day festival. Exception: You only want to participate for one day. But what about short events such as a concert, an evening at the theatre or a football match? On these occasions, short breaks are welcome, because you can relax much better and enjoy your event in peace and quiet. In addition, you can explore the near and far surroundings. Here are a few examples:

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“Starlight Express” in Bochum

The musical is performed in the afternoon or evening, and not every day of the week. Plan your appointment and set your accommodation around this date for a few days. You can spend your free time exploring Bochum, visiting the Zollverein colliery in Essen (which takes a whole day), or heading to Wuppertal to try out the local attraction of the suspension railway .

Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg

Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie
The Elbphilharmonie, Image: sunfun/shutterstock

Hamburg alone offers you so many attractions that it will be difficult to see them all in two to four days. A long visit to the incredible Miniatur Wunderland, a boat trip on the Inner Alster or an extensive stroll through the city are just a few examples.

FC Bayern Munich match

It is probably the most famous football club in Germany and can point to equally famous players. Tickets for the record champions’ games are in high demand. Plan a night tour or the upcoming Valentine’s Day in the Allianz Arena around your chosen event or drive to Lake Constance , barely 200 kilometres away, and spend a few relaxing days here.

These are just three examples from an oversized abundance that Germany alone has to offer. If you’re planning to try out the rides in Rust or visit Disneyland Paris , then you’re sure to take several days to do so. So why not for a smaller or shorter event? You will find that you will come back much more refreshed if you take the opportunity to take a closer look at the site. There are plenty of offers.

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You can hike in forests and rocky landscapes such as the Elbe Sandstone Mountains (near Dresden) or Franconian Switzerland (near Bamberg) or go for a walk on the rock stage in Bad Segeberg on the nearby Baltic Sea beach after the Karl May evening. Summer toboggan runs, a few hours on an ice rink or a visit to the largest thermal spa in the world in Erding near Munich are highlights that you will not forget any more than the event itself, which is why you came. The cities entice with gastronomy and shopping, nature is often only a stone’s throw away. In addition to your event, you will get a good impression of the area you are currently in.

Short events are worth a short break

It is precisely these shorter events that open up such opportunities for further exploration and adventure. You will experience your favourite event for a few hours and have enough time before or after to design your short holiday according to your own taste. It feels like a little vacation: no wonder short trips are so popular.