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Strand von Phinikoudes, Bild: MarinaDa / shutterstock

Car rental in Larnaca: These are the options

Located in idyllic Cyprus, the town of Larnaca is a popular destination for tourists and offers a variety of sights, activities and activities. But how can I get around there as flexibly as possible? There is the possibility of renting a rental car, so that nothing stands in the way of mobility on holiday. There are a few aspects to consider in advance, which will be discussed in more detail in the article. In addition, the question arises as to what the state-specific road traffic regulations look like.

How much do rental cars cost and what do I have to show?

Larnaca Castle, Image: Datsenko Maryna / shutterstock

The costs of the rental cars vary, as it depends on the choice of vehicle, the insurance and the duration of the rental in each individual case. Luxury cars, minivans, convertibles and other models can be selected. For a rental period of approx. 8 days, the costs range from 130 euros to 200 euros and more. In this context, care should be taken to ensure that holiday planning is carried out early enough, as rental cars may be fully booked under certain circumstances. Booking early can not only ensure that appropriate cars are available, but also save costs and ensure a stress-free holiday. In addition, to book car rental in Larnaca , the bank card, passport and, of course, the driver’s license are required.

What traffic rules do I have to observe?

Different countries, different rules. However, it is essential to know the rules of road traffic in Cyprus in order to avoid accidents, for example due to speeding. In built-up areas, as in Germany , the maximum speed is 50 km/h, outside 80 km/h and on motorways 100 km/h. Driving under the influence of alcohol, even if it is only slight, should be avoided at all costs. This is especially true when driving on non-local roads. Other actions such as eating and drinking can also cost the driver dearly.


Rental cars are a very good way to ensure mobility in foreign places and to get the most out of your vacation. However, the individual aspects must be taken into account. From the general costs, the choice of car model and the local laws, everything should be kept in mind. With little money, the holiday can be significantly improved in this way and the usual stress factors can be eliminated as far as possible.