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Nach dem Urlaub eine saubere Wohnung vorfinden, Bild: Tero Vesalainen / shutterstock

Robot vacuums: advantages after the holiday

More and more people are deciding to use a robot vacuum cleaner in their own apartment or house. The following article deals with the advantages of such a device and why it is so practical, especially on vacation.

Save time with the robot vacuum cleaner

If you use a robot vacuum cleaner, you no longer need to take care of vacuuming yourself. Instead, he can use his time elsewhere and still enjoy a clean apartment or house. However, it is important to note that the suction power must be sufficient. Thus, it is important to compare different models before making a purchase. All areas of the floor should be efficiently cleaned by the appliance in order to enjoy the appliance.

These are the advantages of the robot vacuum cleaner

Just like the lawnmower robot or the mopping robot, the robot vacuum cleaner takes over some household work that many people find annoying or disturbing. Because normal vacuuming takes a lot of time. The robot vacuum cleaner can be programmed to always drive through your own four walls at a fixed time and ensure cleanliness. And when the owner comes home, such as after work or a vacation, he no longer has to vacuum himself.

Low maintenance costs

Another advantage of the robot vacuum cleaner is its low power consumption. This is because the device requires significantly less energy than a classic vacuum cleaner. Transferred to the whole year, this can save a lot of electricity and thus money. In addition, robot vacuum cleaners get by with a collection container, so there is no bag. This simply has to be emptied and is immediately ready for use again. This can also save money. Because if you use a normal vacuum cleaner, you have to get new bags again and again. So it’s worth spending a little more money and the purchase price is quickly recouped

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Easy to use

Most robot vacuum cleaners are very easy to use. Thus, even beginners who have never owned such a device will quickly get to grips with it. In addition, good and understandable instructions are usually also included. There are often different cleaning programs so that all surfaces can be perfectly cleaned. New devices can be conveniently controlled via free apps from the manufacturers.

Low noise

Conventional vacuum cleaners are usually quite loud. Modern robot vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, work much more quietly. This means that the neighbours or the front door are not disturbed. By the way, the robot also removes the hair and fur of cats, dogs and co. effectively and reliably. This is another great advantage.

Cleanliness even on holiday

Especially when you are on vacation for a few weeks, large amounts of dust and dirt quickly accumulate. If you use a robot vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to worry about this scenario. Instead, the machine always ensures cleanliness so that you can feel comfortable again immediately and do not have to devote yourself immediately to housework. This is a very big advantage of the robot vacuum cleaner. Because especially after long journeys, you just want to relax and not start vacuuming right away.

So you have enough time after the holiday to unpack your bags and fortify yourself. The robot vacuum cleaner is therefore a very practical help, even when you are away for a long time. Many different groups of people benefit from this.

New smart models provide a good feeling

Robot vacuum cleaners on vacation
The “smart” robot vacuum cleaner takes care of the house during the holiday season, Image: roborock

It’s hard to believe, but the right vacuum/mopping robot can change the “most beautiful season” decisively. The S7 MaxV model from the Beijing-based manufacturer Roborock takes its job as a home nanny very seriously: Thanks to the separately available “Empty Wash Fill Dock” suction station, it not only keeps floors (carpets or hard floors) clean for up to seven weeks during your vacation. With the free Roborock app, he also becomes a remote-controlled guard dog. The highlight: The integrated camera not only ensures that the device is fantastically safe and clean. In addition, you can switch to your device via live video and check the situation at home yourself – directly from the beach bar! You can remotely control the S7 MaxV via the app and direct it to where you want to see it.

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For our test, Roborock provided us with the little sister model Q7 Max+ for testing. The device cleans very effectively, has a high suction power of 4,200 Pa and is easy to operate via the APP. Compared to the S7 MaxV, the model is cheaper to buy and convinces with all the features to find a clean home after the holiday.


A robot vacuum cleaner is very practical and helpful in different situations. And people who are regularly out of the house for a very long time or go on vacation for a longer period of time benefit significantly from one. Before buying, however, it is important to make sure that the performance is sufficient to be able to clean all surfaces ideally. In addition, some different cleaning programs should also be on board. Don’t miss out on the many advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner.