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Die Victoria-Wasserfälle in Sambia, Bild: Artush / shutterstock

Zambia is becoming more and more popular with tourists

In recent years, Africa has gradually received the tourist attention it has long deserved. Away from the tourist regions in the north of the continent, there are many beautiful countries with their very own culture and impressive natural treasures, especially in the heart of Africa. Zambia is a good example of this. Unlike Namibia, which has been popular with tourists from all over the world for quite a while, not many Western tourists are yet finding their way to the country. Yet it offers just the right basis for a holiday full of excitement and adventure.

The most important facts about Zambia

Zambia Location
Image: Tudoran Andrei / shutterstock

Between Namibia, the Congo and some other countries, Zambia is centrally located in the south of the African continent. Much of the country is located on various plateaus, which also dominate the country’s nature. From the plateaus it goes down into the valleys, past the many small and large rivers that run through the entire country. It is also those rivers that make the country relatively green and ensure that the cliché of the dry continent does not really apply to Zambia. The diversity of nature is probably the greatest treasure of the country and the reason why tourists now also dare to come here.

Image: Phillip Allaway / shutterstock

Speaking of cultures: Typical for Africa is the tribal system, which can be seen everywhere in the country. While many of the original peoples still live in villages with their tribes today, something like a culture of the big city has only gradually been established. The country’s capital, Lusaka, is not only the cultural center of the country, but also the place that most closely tells of the progress that has been achieved in the country in recent decades. Various foreign investors are causing a small boom and so the industry for tourists was born.

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Of course, it is possible to discover the country on your own. However, it is precisely the condition of the roads and the fact that a large part of the heart of the country has not really been developed to this day that ensures that the guided tours are strongly recommended. They lead to the country’s top attractions and guarantee not only safety, but also that you won’t miss any part of Zambia – because there is so much to discover.

Livingstone and other attractions

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia
Elephants in the South Luangwa National Park, Image: paula french / shutterstock

Due to the low development of the tourist infrastructure, Zambia has so far many places to offer that are still almost untouched and present themselves to the visitor as nature has created them. So it can also happen that wild animals cross the road in the heart of the country. Tours for safaris are now of course also offered and give a deep insight into the characteristic animal kingdom of Zambia. Unlike in many other countries, however, it is mainly the hiking safaris that have a particularly good reputation. Together with local guides – who are also armed in case of doubt – the valleys of the country are explored in search of the animals.

In general, there is a lot to discover and experience here. Canoe tours on the many rivers are just as possible as excursions to fish on the Zambezi. Many of the tourist providers still try to bring the country closer to the visitors and not to change the country for the visitors. Luxury holidays outside the capital are not possible – but most people who find their way to Zambia don’t want that at all. Instead, adventure and a deep insight into the local cultures and natural treasures are required.

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The biggest highlight of the country is Livingstone and the famous Victoria Falls. It was the British explorer of the same name, Livingstone, who once stopped in front of this imposing surface. The waterfalls stretch for over 1.5 kilometers and more than 3000 tons are moved through the falls every second. A unique spectacle of nature, even by African standards, where there is so much to discover and experience.

Culture and tradition on holiday in Zambia

Victoria Waterfalls Zambia
Victoria Falls, Image: Yana Zubkova / shutterstock

If you are so far away from home and get involved in the adventure of Zambia, you naturally want to have a memory of the culture. The best way to do this is in the capital. At the countless markets that run through the city, you can bargain and find one or the other souvenir. By the way, in some markets it is common to trade not with money, but with goods. So if you are approached by a local and asked if you would like to exchange your baseball cap for something from his stand, this is definitely something you can try.

Of course, the typical African cuisine is very strongly represented here. It mixes with the influences from the West, but has been able to retain its own character over the years. If you are planning a holiday in Zambia, you should take the opportunity and take one or two culinary memories with you on your way home.