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Die Region Piemont glänzt mit seinen herrlichen Weinen, Bild: Francesco Terracciano / shutterstock

For a wine in the … Piedmont!

Italy is a destination for all the senses: lively cities, beautiful landscapes, culinary delights and, last but not least, world-famous wine. As a wine country, Italy is remarkable in several respects: Italy is one of the most important wine producers in the world and the cradle of Western European viticulture: with the Romans, wine came to Germany and many other countries. Italy is one of the few countries in the world that has a vibrant wine culture in all regions from north to south. Even today, “Bella Italia” is home to over 1,000 grape varieties.

The first two parts of our wine tour took us to
. The third part now takes us from the far south of Italy to the far northeast: Piedmont. This region is one of the most renowned wine-growing regions in the world. In Piedmont, at the foot of the Alps and close to the French border, some of Italy’s best and most famous wines grow on around 55,000 hectares. The wine-growing regions of Piedmont are located in the centre and south of the province. The most famous growing regions are without a doubt Barbaresco and Barolo with their wines of the same name, which mean red wine heaven for many gourmets. But Piedmont can do much more. What many people don’t know is that Piedmont is also home to remarkable white wines.

Piedmont: Home of world-famous wines

But first things first. No Piedmont report should start without introducing the grape variety behind the great wines: Nebbiolo. This sophisticated, tannin-rich grape variety also grows in some other regions of the wine world, but nowhere does it produce such breathtaking results as in Piedmont. This has its price: for Barbaresco and especially for Barolo, the king of red wines, both of which are made from the Nebbiolo grape, proud prices are sometimes called. From about 20 euros you can get a taste of the world of Piedmontese wine needle, there are hardly any upper price limits.

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But Piedmont also has a lot to offer for the enjoyment of wine in everyday life. For example, the Barbera grape variety, which has been cultivated in Piedmont for many centuries and produces comparatively low-tanni, often strong and wonderfully fruity red wines. If you prefer white wines, a Roero Arneis opens up an extremely charming new world. This white wine comes from the Roero growing region in the southwest of Piedmont and is made from the Arneis grape variety, which was almost extinct at the end of the 20th century. Fortunately, some wineries have taken it upon themselves to revive this precious part of Piedmontese wine culture. Today, Roero Arneis is once again the epitome of high-quality, wonderfully finely spicy white wines from Piedmont.

Our wine tip: Nizza Silvano Roero DOCG 2015

This red wine also comes from the Roero wine-growing region and consists of 100 percent of the Piedmontese flagship variety Nebbiolo. The Roero from Nizza Silvano is the best proof that there is also first-class Nebbiolo in the best Piedmontese style outside the prestigious core areas of Barolo and Barbaresco – at a much lower price. This very dry red wine seduces the nose with a soft aroma reminiscent of violets. On the palate, a full, dense and multi-layered body unfolds, delighting with a velvety texture, elegant tannin structure and long finish. No wonder that this Nebbiolo regularly receives top ratings in the Italian wine bible Gambero Rosso.

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