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Islas Cies in Vigo, Bild: karengoncalvese / shutterstock

Travelling around Galicia by motorhome

For several years now, there have been more and more people who are enthusiastic about traveling with a motorhome. This type of travel has also received an additional boost in recent years from the restrictions in connection with the Corona crisis. This year, many people also want to rely on a motorhome for their next summer vacation.

On the one hand, there are many experienced motorhome holidaymakers who have been travelling with their own motorhome for many years. On the other hand, there are just as many people who want to travel for the first time this year with their own or a rented camper van.

If an interesting and varied destination is still missing, then it could be worthwhile to think about a holiday in Galicia . The province of Galicia is located in the northwest of Spain and is a fantastic holiday destination, especially in the summer months. In the rest of this article, we want to give you some tips about a possible motorhome holiday in Galicia.

Galicia is always worth a trip by motorhome

Cape Fisterra, Galicia
Cape Fisterra in Galicia, Image: Noradoa / shutterstock

From Germany , if you have enough time, you can drive to Galicia in a motorhome without stress and quite comfortably. Depending on the starting point in Germany, the distance is around 2,000 kilometers, so you should take a little time for the journey to Galicia. If you are travelling from Germany with a motorhome, it is certainly a good idea to take a folding bike for the motorhome with you in addition to your normal luggage. After all, such a folding bike does not take up much space and makes it possible to cover shorter distances on site with a bicycle.

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In most cases, motorhome holidaymakers already see the journey as part of the holiday and make the journey as pleasant as possible. But if you don’t have quite as much time for a summer holiday, then you can alternatively fly to Galicia by plane and rent a campervan for the holiday period.

In summer, Galicia in the north is ideal for travellers who don’t like the extreme heat in summer in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. Even in the summer months, Galicia still attracts visitors with pleasant temperatures, which are rarely well above 30 degrees.

Explore Galicia in summer with a motorhome

If you go to Galicia by motorhome, you can look forward to high mountain ranges and an incredibly varied coastal landscape in Galicia. A destination could be the Peña Trevinca, which is the highest mountain in Galicia at around 2127 meters.

By the way, wild camping is prohibited in Galicia, just like in Spain in general. Although it is often tolerated if you head for a remote parking lot for an overnight stay. However, you should avoid clearing out camping equipment in such a project, as this can quickly lead to inconvenience with the local police and a fine.

Galicia is particularly famous all over the world for the pilgrimage route that ends in Santiago Compostela in Galicia. If you are travelling in Galicia by motorhome, then you should definitely visit this impressive city. The capital of Galicia, Santiago Compostela, is very beautiful and inspires not only with the famous cathedral but also with many other older buildings.

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Galicia attracts with beautiful beaches and stretches of coastline

Galicia is an interesting holiday destination for many holidaymakers, especially due to its rugged coastal landscape. There are numerous cliffs and various mountain formations that offer a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. Galicia has just as many dream beaches to offer in addition to the rugged coastlines. Some beaches in this region even offer a certain Caribbean flair.

Experience Caribbean flair at Playa de Rodas

For motorhome holidaymakers with a penchant for absolute dream beaches, a visit to Playa de Rodas is a must. On this stretch of beach, the water is turquoise and the beach is at least as fine as the many dream beaches in the Caribbean. You can discover this Caribbean-like beach on the Illas Cies, which are located west of Vigo.

Playa de las Catedrales near Ribadeio

Near Ribadeio is Playa de las Catedrales, which is also a special highlight in Galicia. However, it should be noted that this beach can only be reached during low tide. But then Playa des las Catedrales provides a very special atmosphere with its caves and rock formations.