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Schloss Waldeck, Bild: Tobias Arhelger / shutterstock

Top 10 – The most beautiful sights in Hesse

In the heart of Germany, beautiful Hesse unfolds, which is not only wonderfully suited to get to know the tourist facets of Germany in a central location. Hesse itself has some of the most beautiful sights in the heart of Germany: Whether Frankfurt with its museums on the banks of the Main, the natural Odenwald or the Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt.

1. Museumsufer Frankfurt

Skyline Frankfurt
View of the skyline of Frankfurt, Image: Rudy Balasko / shutterstock

As the largest city in Hesse and a world metropolis, Frankfurt appears twice with its sights in the list. An important local recreation area in the city is the Museum Embankment on the Main, where residents and tourists like to switch off on sunny days. It is also home to renowned and nationally renowned museums – whether the Städel Art Museum or the Film Museum. And if you linger on the Museum Embankment not far from the city centre until the evening hours, you will get a breathtaking view ofFrankfurt’s illuminated skyline.

2. Frankfurt Romans and Old Town

In the old city centre of Frankfurt, the Römer unfolds with its historic town hall. The sight forms an aesthetic counterpoint to the gigantic skyline – and proves that Frankfurt is not just made up of skyscrapers. In the old town not far from the Römer there is also the Old Opera, built in the neo-Renaissance style within the 19th century, the historic imperial cathedral of St. Bartholomew and the Goethe House. The latter is the birthplace of the famous poet, who has his biographical roots in the cosmopolitan city. The historic buildings add another facet to the city, which contrasts its otherwise modern face. It underlines the fascinating charm of Frankfurt.

3. Marburg and Marburg Castle

The university town of Marburg is not only popular among academics: those who appreciate historical sightseeing will also feel at home here. The landmark of the city is the Marburg Castle, which is visible from afar and towers over the city with its special architecture. Once built in the 11th century, the photogenic castle was now considered the residence of the Landgraves of Hesse. Together with the old town of Marburg, the castle is one of the tourist highlights of Central and Northern Hesse.

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4. Taunus

Hesse is geographically characterized by its low mountain ranges. Special mountains such as the Rhön, the Westerwald, the Rothaargebirge, the Odenwald or the Taunus unfold here. The Taunus is so popular because it unfolds about 30 km outside the city limits of Frankfurt and is ideal as an excursion destination from there. The largest elevation is the Großer Feldberg at 879 metres. Cities worth visiting such as Bad Homburg and magnificent historic buildings such as Braunfels Castle can be discovered here.

5. Bad Homburg Spa Gardens

Bad Homburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the Taunus region. Also part of the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main metropolitan region, the city is historically known as an important health resort. The spa gardens of Bad Homburg are also a reminder of this. In the heart of the city, it unfolds with its Elisabethenbrunnen fountain and the Russian Chapel. Probably the most important building in the heart of the park is the Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad, a historic bathhouse that today knows how to inspire above all architecturally.

6. Saalburg Castle

In fact, there is also Roman history to discover in the Taunus region. In this section of Hesse, the mighty Limes, the Roman border wall that separated the Romans from the Germanic tribes, once unfolded. The Saalburg fort is one of the most important and impressive buildings in the Limes region. The restored building is considered one of the best-researched buildings of this era and is a reminder of the late Roman militarization of the region. Today, a museum with important finds is also integrated into the magnificent castle.

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7. Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt

Since 2021, the Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once a historic landscape park, magnificent historic buildings such as the 48-metre-high Wedding Tower, Darmstadt’s landmark, and the Russian Chapel unfold here. The Mathildenhöhe also includes the Darmstadt artists’ colony, which was once the home of important artists and cultural figures. Of course, Darmstadt has more to offer than the Mathildenhöhe – from the Royal Palace to the Rosenhöhe Landscape Park. Not far from the city is also the famous Messel Pit, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.

8. Odenwald with Felsenmeer

In the south of Hesse to Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg stretches the scenic Odenwald. The historic town centres of Michelstadt or Erbach are worth visiting here. One of the most fascinating castles in the region is Auerbach Castle, while the Felsenmeer in the Lautertal valley forms a special photo motif. On the borders of the Odenwald lies the beautiful Heidelberg, which is not far from Hesse recommended for a tourist detour.

9. Edersee with National Park

One of the most famous lakes in Hesse is the Edersee at the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park. Although the Edersee is an artificial reservoir, a fascinating natural region has formed along the lake today, in which flora and fauna can develop partly undisturbed. Not far from the lake is Waldeck Castle, which is one of the most important hilltop castles in the North Hesse region. At the Edersee and in the national park, you can also experience nature-oriented boat tours and hikes.

10. Old Town Wiesbaden

Louisenplatz wiesbaden
Louisenplatz, Image: Don Mammoser / shutterstock

As the seat of the state parliament, Wiesbaden is today the political centre of Hesse. The capital of the state has a long history as a spa. Magnificent sacred buildings such as the neo-Gothic market church, the neo-Gothic church of St. Bonifatius and the neo-Romanesque ring church unfold here. On the banks of the Rhine lies the Baroque Biebrich Castle, former residence of the princes and dukes of Nassau. South of the banks of the Rhine, by the way, the neighboring city of Mainz awaits: If you want to explore the historic capital of Rhineland-Palatinate or neighboring state for tourism, it is not far from Wiesbaden .