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Nassau ist ein beliebtes Ziel bei Kreuzfahrttouristen, Bild: Bogdan Dyiakonovych / shutterstock

Nassau – The capital of the Bahamas

The Bahamas archipelago is one of the absolute destinations of many people and is often synonymous with the special nature, the climate and life in the Caribbean. As one of the most popular cruise ship destinations in the Caribbean, there are of course a few ways to explore the archipelago including the historic capital of Nassau. Above all, however, a visit on your own can be worthwhile if you want to see as much of the archipelago in the Caribbean as possible. In addition to an impressive culture and way of life, there are many wonders of nature and one or two historic buildings from the long history of the Caribbean state to see.

The distinctly different world on the islands of the Bahamas

The Americans in particular are big fans of the islands of the Bahamas. The islands can be reached quickly by cruise ship from Florida and especially on the main island “Paradise Island”, where a not inconsiderable part of Nassau including the most important tourist infrastructure is located, is very much geared towards the public from the States. Nassau and Paradise Island are thus the tourist hot spots of the Bahamas and offer a very special attitude to life that actually has little to do with the rest of the archipelago. The capital is completely geared towards the flow of tourists from the States and other parts of the world and offers a corresponding infrastructure for an exciting stay.

An eye-catcher is certainly the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, which is not only one of the largest hotel complexes in the world, but also includes casinos and a variety of other entertainment activities. So if you’re looking for a good show or just want to play a bit of blackjack in the evening, you’ve come to the right place. If you are looking for the culture and spirit of the Bahamas and Nassau, however, you will probably head to other regions of the city and the islands. This dichotomy from the modern world for tourism and the preservation of its own history and culture can be noticed throughout the archipelago.

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The sights of historic Nassau

Nassau Bahamas
Aerial view of Nassau, capital of the Bahamas, Image: alarico/shutterstock

If you want to escape the touristy Nassau and concentrate more on the roots and the exciting history of the islands and their capital, you can actually do this relatively easily. As soon as you leave the area around Paradise Island, you go to the actual parts of the city, where most of the inhabitants can be found. The other parts of Nassau are connected to Paradise Island by two large bridges. Taxis can be found everywhere, as well as other options for exploring. Especially if you are already in the historic city center, however, it is recommended to walk on your own feet – the distances are usually short and the traffic is often more of a hindrance for transport by car.

Beginning of the 17th century and deep into the In the 18th century, the Bahamas and especially Nassau were mainly a nest for pirates. Many attempts to destroy the pirate island have failed and at times the island was even the home of the famous Blackbeard. Only with the intervention of the British – and a pirate as governor – could the problem be eliminated. From about the middle of the In the 18th century, the construction of Nassau in its present form began. One attraction that already results from this is the city’s famous Pirate Museum, which deals intensively with this exciting part of the city’s history.

After that, the fate of Nassau and the entire Bahamas remained closely linked to the political developments of the USA . So it is no wonder that today many rich Americans in particular have built their own empire on the small private islands. But if you want to see a little more of the island, you should take a look at the historic Parliament Building, which is open to the public and was built in the early 19th century. The many forts, especially the Charlotte Fortress, are also worth a visit – even if most of them have never actually fired a shot, they are a special testimony to the history of the Caribbean and the architecture of the time.

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Traditions and recreations in and around Nassau

Even though there are a lot of historic buildings in Nassau and you can also play at the casino on the side, you are still in the Caribbean and on some of the most beautiful islands this world has to offer. Of course, this also applies to Nassau. Around the islands over which the capital extends, there are a variety of beautiful beaches that invite you to go swimming and where you can spend the whole day. In the evening, you can immerse yourself in the nightlife of Nassau, enjoy a bit of the local cuisine and visit the many clubs, bars and discos that make Nassau a paradise for young and old alike.

If you come at the right time of year, you can also watch one of the many folk festivals. The most famous festival is the Junkanoo Cultural Festival, which takes place on New Year’s Day and one reason for this is that many travelers take a trip to the Bahamas, especially at this time of year. Especially in combination with a cruise , it could be the perfect destination for exciting relaxation in the Caribbean.