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Es gibt einige technische Geräte die im Urlaub nicht fehlen dürfen, Bild: Vera Petrunina / shutterstock

These technical devices should not be missing on any trip!

Whether it’s a business trip or a pleasure, preparing for a vacation is never easy. Despite pages of packing lists, there is always something you forget to pack. However, frequent flyers and experienced travelers have gained a lot of expertise in recent years when it comes to efficient and best packing. In addition to essential things such as the passport and the right clothing, there are also some technical devices that travel experts should not miss on any trip.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Headphones Holiday
Relaxed flying with noise-cancelling headphones, Image: GaudiLab / shutterstock

There are few things more annoying than screaming babies on an airplane, loud conversations in a packed coach or the loud noises of an older model of a regional train of the railway. Luckily, nowadays there is a wide range of different headphones available, which ensure that instead of nerve-wracking noise, you can listen to soothing classical music or the latest pop hits according to your taste. One of the best models is the Bose QuietComfort 35.

Power Bank

An external battery is something you should never travel without. Whether for charging a smartphone or other technical devices, such as wireless headphones or a tablet, so-called power banks offer the possibility of keeping the mobile phone alive thanks to the strong integrated battery. In addition, many portable chargers can charge several devices at the same time through several USB ports. For regular travelers, it is therefore worthwhile to invest in a quality product here. Among the best devices are the models from Varta and Ansmann.


Computers are now more integrated into our lives than ever before. Whether a laptop is used for work, university or playing video games, it should also be with you on every trip. Because in the age of Netflix, there is nothing better than making yourself comfortable on your hotel bed after a long day and watching the latest episode of your favorite series. With an HDMI cable, this can also be easily connected to the TV. But be careful: Especially when traveling to other countries with different sockets, not only a simple travel adapter should be used to charge the device. Often, technical requirements are not the same in different countries. That’s why leading suppliers in the electronics industry, such as RS Components , recommend investing in a suitable power cord. This way you can be sure that the expensive laptop is not damaged or even short-circuited.

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E-Book Reader

Gone are the days of wasting a large part of the allowed weight of luggage on air travel by packing several books. Today, e-book readers are considered an alternative for the diligent reader, because the digital versions of a book are often cheaper. For example, the purchase of the Amazon Kindle or a similar device can even save money in the long run and the latest part of a crime series can be downloaded on the go.