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Die Kokerei Hansa ist ein beliebtes Fotoshooting-Motiv in Dortmund, Bild: Petr Brezina / shutterstock

These are the top locations for photo shoots in Dortmund

Photo shoots do not always have to be carried out by professionals. Hobby photographers also like to take photos and are always on the lookout for the best locations. A photographer in Dortmund has many options, even if the city has almost been forgotten by many in this respect. However, there are some lost places here that are ideal for photo shoots.

Hansa coking plant

The Hansa coking plant is one of the most famous lost places and photo locations in the entire Ruhr area. It was put into operation in 1928, but to this day there are still old conveyor belts and gearboxes that are suitable as motifs. They are all located in the then forbidden town of Huckarde. Coke production was discontinued in the 90s and the building has been empty ever since. In 1998, the building was still listed as a historic monument.

Hermannshütte in Hörde

The Hermannshütte used to be a steel and iron works in the Dortmund district of Hörde. Originally, steel and iron were processed here in the 19th century. The operation was then finally discontinued in 2001. While some of the machines were sold to China , some remained local. A few years later, however, the building was completely demolished. Today the beautiful Phoenix Lake is located here, which is also suitable as a photo location.

Psychiatry in Kirchhörde

In 1957, the former Catholic Marienhospital was built in Dortmund. The well-known Klöckner family was originally the owner of the property, but they left it to the Franciscan nuns. The hospital was closed in 1978 before it became a psychiatric hospital and day clinic. This facility then ceased operations in 2005 and the building has been empty ever since. Until 2017 it was still a popular photo spot, but then the demolition work began. One or the other will be pleased, because the building was said to be haunted.

Gustav Knepper power plant

Gustav Knepper Power Plant in Dortmund
Gustav Knepper power plant in Dortmund, Image: Art_Pictures / shutterstock

The Gustav Knepper power plant used to be a hard coal-fired power plant in Dortmund. It was built in 1951 and subsequently taken over by E.ON AG. In the end, however, the power plant was only operated until 2001. It was then completely shut down in 2013 at the request of E.ON. The entire area was sold in 2017 and was actually supposed to be revived. Slowly the power plant was dismantled, but in the meantime and to this day you can still take very nice pictures here.

Former Kronen Brewery

The Kronenbier is mentioned as early as 1430. This old brewery was moved to Kronenburg in 1873 and taken over several times. In 1996, it was sold to the Actien Brewery. Production was terminated in 2000. The empty building was then used for photo shoots and is still considered a popular lost place today. However, since young people also met here again and again and accidents occurred, the police had to move in regularly and now the city of Dortmund is working on the building, which will soon serve as a city archive. Basically, there are many beautiful locations in and around Dortmund that are ideal for photo shoots. The insider tips listed can help you find the perfect motif, but visiting these memorable places alone can be enough of an experience.