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Im Disgusting Food Museum kulinarisch die Welt erobern, Bild: DFM_Berlin

Around the world in 90 dishes

In the Corona pandemic, many things had to be sacrificed. Carefree travel was part of it. Yet travel is so important to broaden horizons, including culinary ones. In a new Berlin museum, the two can now be combined in a wonderful way.

The most beautiful disgust in Berlin

At the Disgusting Food Museum Berlin , visitors travel around the world in 90 dishes. Using selected examples, very different taste cultures and culinary traditions are presented. And as is often the case, people shy away from the strangeness of certain foods: Where are bull testicles or bull penis eaten? Where do people enjoy dog, sheep’s head or rotten fish? Where does the durian fruit produce a pleasant taste instead of a gag reflex? In which country is cheese made with mites and refined? The museum ensures that the feeling of foreignness towards such foods is reduced, because they are presented very beautifully, almost like in an art exhibition.

Prejudices in self-experimentation

In addition, the makers of the exhibition emphasize that they do not show objective disgust, but things that could be considered disgusting. In this way, visitors are confronted with their own prejudices, and they can overcome these prejudices at the museum’s Tasting Bar. In the Disgusting Food Museum Berlin, you can do what is strictly forbidden in the other museums: touching and nibbling. In this way, the worms, which were initially viewed with horror, become a delicacy. The self-experiment requires courage, and courage is rewarded. This is the quintessence of the museum.

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Impressions from the Disgusting Food Museum

Foreignness pays off

Looking beyond one’s own nose ensures a better quality of life. This corresponds to a productive way of dealing with foreignness, which we often have to deal with in life. While the exhibition suddenly makes the foreign seem familiar, the seemingly familiar becomes strange again, seems downright strange: food that we buy in the supermarket unsuspectingly and without thinking. The Disgusting Food Museum Berlin shows the animal behind the sausage and that nutrition has something to do with animal welfare and the environment. No meat is grilled without animal husbandry, transport and slaughter. And why do we differentiate between farm animals and pets? The cat sleeps in our bed, and chickens, cattle and pigs go into the meat grinder. The museum shows in measured form what we are only too happy to ignore.

Everything beautiful is not in the sausage

Nutrition cannot be had without responsibility. In this way, the culinary journey around the world becomes an educational journey of a special kind, because it instructs without sacrificing entertainment. The Disgusting Food Museum Berlin is located in the rooms that used to house the German Currywurst Museum. Who knows what’s in a currywurst. After visiting the Disgust Museum, you can imagine it.