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Das Winstar World Casino in Oklahoma, Bild: RaksyBH / shutterstock

The World’s Largest Casinos

Gambling has been part of our lives since time immemorial. With the development of casinos as gaming venues, virtually gaming temples were built. Which are the largest in the world?

When you mention the topic of casinos and travel, the US casino metropolis Las Vegas usually comes to mind. Many of the most famous casinos in the world are located there. But where in the world are the largest casinos that even exist located?

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1.WinStar World Casino

Located in the US state of Oklahoma , WinStar World Casino (formerly known as WinStar Casinos) claims the title of the largest casino in the world. With a 48,200 m² gaming area divided into themed areas of world cities, this huge casino offers 7,400 electronic slot machines, a whopping 76 table games, an impressive 46 poker rooms, bingo and much more.

While the architecture of the building was designed by Lyndon Stromberg, who also worked on the Venetian Las Vegas, famed designer Larry E. Seitz also contributed to the style and look of the WinStar. In total, this casino complex has 21 restaurants and bars and also has an impressive 1,500 hotel rooms.

2. The Venetian Macao

The Casinohotel Venetian Macau is not only the seventh largest building in the world (in terms of floor area) with an area of 980,000 square meters. Of these, 46,450 square meters are also casinos. It was planned and designed according to the model of The Venetian Las Vegas. Completed in 2007, the building is divided into areas for meetings, catering, theatre, shops and 3 gondola canals. This casino has a total of four separate themed game areas: Red Dragon, Golden Fish, Phoenix, and Imperial House. These are home to 3,400 slot machines and 800 table games.

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The interior of the casino is kept in an extravagant style. There are a total of 24 bars and restaurants in the casino, and a total of 3,000 hotel rooms are available in the hotel building.

3. City of Dreams

Casinos in Macau
View of Macau, Image: trabantos / shutterstock

City of Dreams is another large casino located on the Cotai Strip in Macau, China. It is located directly opposite the Venetian Macao. Designed by Arquitectonica, Leigh & Orange, Jon Jerde and the late architect Zaha Hadid, the building has an area of 39,000 square meters and offers 1,514 machines and 450 gaming tables. Like any casino, it also offers other attractions. In this case, spaces such as an aquarium, a dancing water theater, a bubble fountain and many other entertainment areas.

The towers house a few hotels, while the smaller building offers mixed use for restaurants, shops and high-end retail space. This means that you can find everything you need for a casino and shopping holiday.

4. Foxwoods Resort Casino

The Foxwood Resort is a huge conglomerate of hotels, restaurants, and casinos in the US state of Connecticut, occupying an area of 31,958 m² out of an impressive 539,600 in total. The six casinos offer 380 gaming tables and over 6,300 slot machines, while a bingo hall with 5,000 seats can serve as a venue for various concerts and events.

Opened in 1986 and now 36 years old, the complex looks as modern as ever and is kept in prime condition through regular renovations (every two to four years). The complex was designed by JCJ Architecture and built in just 15 months. Located in the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe Reserve, the resort wears design solutions developed by JCJ Architecture to honor the culture of the Mashantucket Pequot tribe.

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5. Ponte 16 Casino

Macau, with its numerous massive casino complexes, is definitely increasingly a rival to Las Vegas. Ponte 16 is a smaller casino than the Venetian or the City of Dreams, with a gaming area of just 25,083 square feet. There are 109 gaming tables and about 307 slot machines, as well as 2 VIP halls. Still, it’s the fifth-largest casino in the world.

Ponte 16, like many other casinos in the city, opened in 2008. However, its surroundings have a rich history. Located in the center of the inner harbor, Ponte 16 was initially a fishing port and was praised as an economic center in the 1970s. The triads were also up to mischief there.


Although, as stated at the beginning, Las Vegas is often associated with casinos and gambling, change is slowly occurring. Not only that, but none of the five largest casinos in the world are located in the U.S. gambling capital. Not even in the top 10. Only in eleventh place do we find the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. However, with 5,044 hotel rooms, it is the largest hotel complex in the United States and the third largest hotel complex in the world (if you go by the number of rooms).