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Mit einer Geburtskarte den Eltern eine Freude machen, Bild: Pedal to the Stock / shutterstock

Always the right cards for the birth

Cards that will be remembered – for the birth of the baby

The most beautiful event in life is probably the birth of your own child. For parents, the digital way to announce the birth of the baby is easy and fast. And even as a friend or family member, you want to give your future parents something special, something that will be remembered for a long time.

Whether boy or girl, magical birth cards are always well received and welcome the new Earth man in a beautiful way. Cards that can be designed by yourself are a special gift. Texts, photos and frames can be added here, but the background color can also be freely selected. On the website https://www.sendasmile.de/ you will quickly find what you are looking for.

The special gift for the birth

Send a card for the birth
There are many design variants to choose from, Image: Claudia Balasoiu / shutterstock

One would like to congratulate the parents and direct one’s gaze to special birth cards . The perfect card can be designed online. Here you can add a suitable frame to your work and have a large selection at your disposal. Whether flowers, hearts or stars, the optimal frame for the card can be easily added on the https://www.sendasmile.de/ website. If you want to have a photo of the new citizen of the world immortalized directly on the card, there are many variants available on the website. Whether it’s a photo or a whole collage, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. The cards can be edited and individually designed via the homepage. Whether for parents or friends, the digital way to design a beautiful map not only brings joy, but also the small work of art is remembered.

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To start life

If you like to use colour, you can get creative with the design of a birth card. For the birth of a boy, there are many imprints available, such as tractor, animals and the wonderful cards are also color-coordinated for boys. And finally, you can embellish the card with your own text. Girls are not neglected here either. Fantastic cards with butterflies and rainbows will be remembered for a long time. If you are also looking for that special something, all cards can be decorated with beautiful stickers. Be it hearts, feet or cute elephants, creativity is very important here.

Much more than just blue and pink

If you don’t just want to rely on the colors blue and pink, but want to give your card that special icing on the cake to give your parents a lot of joy, there are many other colors available. Photos can be easily uploaded to the website, whether as a labeled foreground photo or as a collage, the card can be designed according to your own wishes. Your own texts and the baby’s name look particularly good here. And in addition, an individual color as a background turns the birth card into a small masterpiece. If you want to make your family and friends happy, you should opt for the digital way.

Let creativity run wild

If you have a lot of imagination and like to play with colors and accessories, you will have a lot of fun designing your special card for the birth. And of course, the joy of the parents also plays a major role. There is nothing better than honoring the little earthman with a pretty card. All cards are printed here in a climate-neutral way and the quantity of cards can be entered individually. Numerous templates make it easy to add your personal touch. Parents can use this digitally created card to inform many family members and friends about the birth of their baby, but the digital design of a card is also suitable as a gift especially for parents.

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