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Blick auf London und die Themse, Bild: Engel Ching/shutterstock

The six most beautiful sights in London

Even though the British could leave the EU in 2019, many millions of people will continue to be drawn to the English capital London every year. As the centre of a former world empire and a metropolis that was the epicentre of European development for many hundreds of years, culture and history can be experienced up close here. The most diverse eras can be seen in the different buildings and sights. Museums border historic churches, palaces and fortresses and, of course, the New World, which in London knows how to score above all with a melting pot of culture. But what are the most beautiful sights of London? What should you definitely see during a visit?

1. The Tower of London

Tower of London
The Tower of London, Image: Alexander Chaikin / shutterstock

It’s hard to make an actual listing by priority when it comes to London. After all, the capital has something you should have seen on almost every street corner. Nevertheless, the Tower of London is actually a must-see destination. After all, it has not only dominated events in the city since the early Middle Ages, but is still enthroned today as a fortress on the Thames. Over the years, the building, which was once built by William the Conqueror, has been expanded. Today it contains a huge museum, the British Crown Jewels and a unique insight into British history and the kings and queens associated with it, some of whom lived here and experienced revolutions and wars.

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2. Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster

London, Big Ben
Big Ben and the Palace of Webminster, Image: S.Borisov / shutterstock

Big Ben – a name that by the way refers to the bell and not the tower – is probably the word that is most closely associated with London. The huge bell is located in the Elizabeth Tower, which in turn is part of the Palace of Westminster. Today, the palace complex serves as the British Parliament. It wasn’t so long ago that it was the accommodation of the British kings and queens in London. The historic complex has many a large fire and attack as well as traces from the Second World War. Nevertheless, the building is one of the absolute frontrunners among the sights.

3. Westminster Abbey

Right in the vicinity of the Palace of Westminster is Westminster Abbey. London’s central church is one of the most popular holiday destinations not only because of its location, but also because of its architecture and tangible history. Not only are many of the former monarchs located here: When a new head is crowned, the ceremonies take place here. Royal weddings also often take place in the beautiful building. Many of the tours through the city also start from here. If you want to explore London with all its beauty, you should take the opportunity to experience one of the hop and stop tours of the tourist buses. You can get on and off anywhere once the ticket has been paid.

4. St Paul’s Cathedral

London, St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul’s Cathedral, Image: Victor Moussa / shutterstock

Another large church in the British capital is St Paul’s Cathedral. It is visible from afar with its magnificent domed building and sheer size. In earlier times, when newfangled skyscrapers did not yet characterize the London cityscape, it was the center and a landmark of the capital visible from afar. Today, with its long history, it is above all one of the most popular tourist destinations in the capital and offers a very interesting museum.

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5. Hyde Park

While you’re on the subject of parks: London can sometimes seem overwhelming due to its hectic pace. Hyde Park offers interesting variety. The green area in the centre of the city not only offers a nice walk, but is also often the venue for interesting events. It is very busy throughout the day and evening and offers a change from the architecture of the big city. The beauty of the park also lies in the many works of art and sculptures that have been created here over the decades. Many interesting stories and speeches will also take place. Speakers Corner is a special insider tip and offers an insight into a very special tradition of the discussion-loving British.

6. Buckingham Palace

The British Royal Palace gets its somewhat strange name from the fact that it was once nothing more than a mansion of the influential Duke of Buckingham. Since it has been owned by the British Crown, the palace has served as the residence of the British Queen and part of her family. The palace itself cannot be visited, but it can be viewed from the outside – a beautiful sight surrounded by some parks.

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