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Malerische Kulisse vor dem Vulkan Fuji, dem höchsten Berg Japans, Bild: Thanaprus.N / shutterstock

Japan – vibrant cities, rich tradition and magical nature

Japan is the land of contrasts – dreamlike landscapes and a whole new culture. Here, visitors can explore enchanted temples, feed monkeys and be inspired by a shrill and colourful pop culture. Japan is known for vibrant cities and a rich tradition as well as beautiful nature. But it is not only the big cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto that captivate visitors. Because the country has many other sights to offer.

Japan offers a wide range of experiences that make the country an exciting discovery trip. Whether modern technologies, exciting pop culture or beautiful hiking routes and natural highlights. Japan is exciting, beautiful and also wonderfully relaxing.

Japan, Tokyo Tower
View of the Tokyo Tower in Tokyo

Tokyo is a vibrant and exciting metropolis. Here, traditional Japan and a shrill pop culture are combined in a very small space. An “insider tip” is the Harajuku district. This is located right next to the large Yoyogi Park. When you enter the neighborhood, you are surrounded by music and many people. The colourful street scene immediately captivates every visitor. This is a wonderful place to shop, eat and drink. But shopping fun is not neglected in the countless shops either.

A great excursion is a visit to the flower island of Nokonoshima Island. This is located off the coast of Fukuoka. And on the southern of Japan’s four main islands. From here we take the ferry over to the small island. Especially in spring and summer, the numerous and beautiful flowers can be admired. When hunger strikes, a visit to the traditional Japanese restaurant is worthwhile.

Japan is also a place of peace – like Nikko, for example. The town is located north of Tokyo. Here, visitors can expect historic shrines and temples and a wonderful peace and quiet. This is the best way to relax in the midst of breathtaking nature. It is also home to the Japanese macaques – red-faced monkeys that are widespread in Japan.

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Japan, Okinawa
A dream beach in Okinawa, Image: sunabesyou / shutterstock

But the country in the Far East also offers beach paradises with a Caribbean feeling. Okinawa is such a place. Since it is located a little away from the main islands, the most convenient way to get there is by plane. Here you can experience beautiful beaches and breathtaking coral reefs. The island is characterized by beach clubs, hotels and wonderful nature. In addition, there are many historical cultural assets to marvel at. Many of these witnesses of past eras can be explored, for example, in an ancient Okinawa village. A visit to the huge aquarium, where even manta rays and sharks swim their laps, is also very worthwhile.

Travel information Japan

Capital Tokyo
Form of government Parliamentary Hereditary Monarchy
Parliamentary democracy
Currency Yen (JPY)
Area Without the Kuril Islands, 377,835 km²
With the Kuril Islands, 382,871 km²
Population approx. 126,045,000 (as of 2017)
Languages Japanese
Electricity grid 100 volts, 50/60 Hz
Area code +81
Time zone UTC +9