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Den Roadtrip richtig planen, Bild: ImYanis / shutterstock

The necessary information for the road trip

Summer is approaching with ever greater strides. That means: vacation time. This, on the other hand, does not automatically mean the well-known trip to Mallorca – sometimes it can also be a road trip.

Step 1

Before you start planning, however, it is important to check your own road safety and perhaps even refresh it. At the Voß driving school in Hanover – crash courses are offered there, for example.

Planning is everything.

If you have now been able to prove that you are able to steer and operate the car sensibly for a long time, you can be completely reassured and indulge in the questions of all questions when it comes to the topic of “road trip”. And this question is, of course, where to go. Maybe travel along Route 66 ? Or how about a tour of the Scottish Highlands? Alternatively, a trip through the Ruhr area could also be quite exciting.

Never disregard finances.

Let’s take the following example. The family agrees that they should go to the United States of America. To be more precise: You want to get to know the beauty of the Californian state better.


The flight from Cologne-Bonn Airport to Los Angeles costs just under 505 euros in October. That’s 1010 euros for one person there and back. For a family of at least two people, you can expect to pay 2020 euros and upwards for the flight. In addition, there are costs that are due in the USA . First of all, there is the price of accommodation. This is estimated at 78 euros for the example, 40 euros for a rental car and 19 euros for fuel fees. That would be 137 euros a day.

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Now, however, they are not planning a day trip, but calculate with 13 days. This means that the stay in the USA costs 1781 euros. This accounts for 1014 euros for accommodation, 520 euros for the rental car and 247 euros for refueling. If you add the 2020 euros flight costs for the family of two, the total price for travel and stay is 3597.62 euros.

As we can see, it is important to plan. So you can decide that our couple will travel 719.53 per person per month so that the trip can take place on time for October.

Helpful programs for the road trip.

But the focus is not only on financial considerations. It can be quite helpful to get the help of different apps. There is “Around Me”, which people can use to find out what important infrastructure is in the current environment. This can be anything from a restaurant to a bank branch or hospital.

Information on how to save money when refuelling is necessary is also of great importance. This is where the “Gas Buddy” app helps by comparing petrol prices.

And then there is the app “Flush”.

Flush comes from the English-speaking world and on the one hand means a hot flush with redness, the fourth best hand in poker, and can ultimately also mean the translation for “flushing on the toilet”.

And that’s exactly what the Flush app is all about. Anyone who feels an urgent, human need can use this app to find one of 190,000 public toilets.

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Then there’s ParkMe. This is a program that shows available parking spaces nearby and also indicates how expensive it will be to leave the car there. Based on the free choice of parameters, it is also possible to display only parking garages. The additional benefit: you can also find out whether there are still enough parking spaces available.

In Germany, as well as in the big, wide world, it can happen that the car spontaneously starts to strike. For this purpose, the apps of the ADAC are recommended, as well as “Urgent.ly”. Both ensure that you get help very quickly.


Of course, there are even more apps and even more topics that should keep you busy before the big road trip. Among other things, there is the question of what happens when you have to get back behind the wheel after a long break from driving and deal with this fear of driving . Or the consideration of whether you really want to spend a romantic holiday with your partner, or whether a road trip with your wife and children is on the agenda.


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