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Mit der Dachbox in Skiurlaub, Bild: Galina_Lya / shutterstock

Relax on your skiing holiday with the ski roof box

Skiing holiday. These are sugared mountain peaks, freshly groomed slopes, glittering fresh snow and hot chocolate after powerful turns on the mountain. Whether alpine, in deep snow, on the cross-country ski trail or on the toboggan run – a skiing holiday is winter relaxation in nature. But if you have the appropriate equipment yourself, you first have to get the bulky skis, snowboards, poles and toboggans to their destination. And depending on the car, this can become a real challenge. This is because the popular winter sports equipment is often 1.90m long and, with its bulky bindings, is usually difficult to place in the interior of the car. If several family members want to go on holiday with you, you are quickly faced with the challenge of who to leave at home: skis or family? To avoid exactly this stress, a roof box, e.g. from TEILE-direkt.at , can quickly remedy the situation.

The roof box – space miracle at height

A roof box is a true space miracle at the lofty height of the car roof. Instead of packing bulky winter sports equipment such as skis, snowboards and sleds into the interior of your own car with precise precision work or on a car luggage rack.

They can be conveniently and easily stored in the roof box. There, they do not scratch high-quality leather seats and are also exposed to their natural temperature. This has an advantageous and gentle effect on the material. This leaves enough space in the interior for the essentials – so that the journey to the holiday destination can already count as a holiday.

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From foldable to hardshell – the different models

But there are also different versions of the roof box, which are best suited depending on your needs. If you also have a good and generous storage space at home, the traditional hardshell box is a good choice. It is stable, durable and offers plenty of storage space for boards, poles and sledges. It usually has already integrated ski holders that attach the devices. This ensures safety while driving. If you opt for a more common roof box without brackets, you should make sure that the roof load is evenly distributed. For all those whose garage does not have year-round space for a two-metre-long box, a foldable roof box is a good choice. This can be conveniently folded away throughout the year. When unfolded, it still offers just as much space as a traditional hardshell box.

Easy installation for more flexibility on holiday

No matter which roof box you choose. The installation is usually simple and uncomplicated. If the car already has a roof rack, the box can be quickly attached to it using a quick release. If you load them evenly with the popular winter sports equipment and bulky winter clothing in accordance with the regulations, you can start right away. But don’t forget: With the roof box, your own car is a few centimetres higher! This should be particularly important when entering the underground car park of the mountain station. Otherwise, the first day on the slopes will quickly turn into a day in the valley.

Versatile – roof box a real plus even in summer

Of course, the roof box is not only a relief for space and nerves for a skiing holiday, but also in summer. Especially then, bulky items such as hiking poles, air mattresses and sand toys for the little ones often have to be taken along. After two weeks in the sand, you are happy to leave the beach in the resort and the sand in the roof box.

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