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Das Rantumbecken auf Sylt, Bild: Redaktion93 / shutterstock

The most beautiful excursion destinations on Sylt

The North Frisian island of Sylt attracts with its rugged and at the same time beautiful nature. If you love to feel the wind in your hair and taste the salt on your tongue, the island is exactly your destination!

Five ideas for your Sylt holiday

Even in summer, it never really wants to get warm on Sylt. So if you are a little more sensitive, you won’t last long in the sea. But the island has so much more to offer than its beaches. Discover the varied nature, visit the Sylt Aquarium or go shopping in Westerland. As a base camp, it is best to rent a cozy apartment. From there, you can plan all the excursions together with your companion. To do this, we present five great sights to you:

Rantum Basin – a paradise for birds

The Rantum Basin is located in the middle of the island and is 600 hectares in size. Along the huge brackish water lake there is a nine-kilometer circular trail on a dike. From there you have a fantastic view of the surrounding nature. There is by no means only the Rantum basin to marvel at. The many salt marshes and the numerous birds as well as their breeding grounds are also very interesting. Even an albatross has already been spotted at the Rantum Basin. The huge bird species has a wingspan of over three meters! So you should definitely keep your eyes open during your visit there.

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Uwe-Düne – a vantage point for dreaming

It doesn’t get any more mountainous on Sylt! The Uwe Dune is the highest elevation you will find there. So it is enough to conquer the 109 steps of the wooden staircase to be able to claim that you have climbed Sylt’s highest mountain. The view is definitely worth it. Supposedly, you can even see as far as Denmark from up there.

Sylt Aquarium – ideal for bad weather days

View of Sylt
View of Sylt, Image: IURII BURIAK / shutterstock

On Sylt, it can happen that the weather is simply too bad for an excursion in the fresh air. So it’s good if you still have a program item up your sleeve. The Sylt Aquarium is located in the west of the island and is open daily from 10 a.m. The entrance fees are moderate, so you can also do it well with the whole family. There is a North Sea aquarium and a tropical aquarium to see. There is also a mini-golf course right next to it. But the sky should have cleared up a little again. The children’s outdoor paradise next to the aquarium is also more for good weather.

Vogelkoje Kampen Nature Trail – Get to know the fauna and flora better

Originally , the Vogelkoje Kampen was a duck trapping site. In the meantime, however, the area has become a nature reserve. This small park is located just two kilometres from Kampen. So if you have rented your holiday apartment there, you can almost walk there or at least ride your bike. On site, a circular trail awaits you, where you can learn a lot about the bird bunk, but also about the flora and fauna of the island. After you have absorbed a lot of knowledge, you can stop at the restaurant in the nature reserve and treat yourself to a little refreshment.

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Westerland – relax from nature while strolling through the city

Westerland is the capital of the island of Sylt and yet seems very tranquil thanks to its less than 10,000 inhabitants. But if you occasionally crave an urban environment, you’re in good hands here. Because in the city you will find some shopping streets and a beautiful beach promenade that invite you to stroll. You can also indulge in culinary delights here. Because in Westerland there are cozy cafés and inns with typical North German cuisine. Maybe you will even get a holiday apartment directly in Westerland. Then you’ll always be in the middle of the action! But of course you can also look for a more rural place to stay. No matter where you go, there is actually a high quality of life everywhere on Sylt!