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Mit dem Hausboot Deutschland kennenlernen, Bild: Inu / shutterstock

Spend an extraordinary holiday in Germany on a houseboat

Experiencing the beauty of Germany’s landscapes and waters aboard a houseboat is a unique experience. Gliding on gentle waves and enjoying the comfort and cosiness of a floating holiday home and collecting unforgettable impressions on water and land is something no other kind of holiday offers. In the following article you will find important information about renting a houseboat in Germany.

Recreational captains are allowed to set sail

For boats with a power of less than 15 hp, no driving licence is required. In most cases, however, no sports boat license and no previous knowledge are required to drive a faster boat. Instead, there is a theoretical and practical briefing on the most important rules and maneuvers lasting several hours before renting. After successful completion, the adult tenant receives a certificate that entitles him to drive a boat under 15 meters in length. However, the so-called charter certificate is limited to the designated charter area and a maximum speed of 12 kilometers per hour may not be exceeded. In addition, no more than twelve people are allowed on board. The areas are deliberately chosen so that navigation is no problem even for beginners.

Captain on a tailor-made trip

Such a floating holiday home is equipped with everything that makes a successful holiday. This includes spacious living rooms and bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom. There is no problem finding the right boat for every taste and every need. Unlike a holiday home, the houseboat is not tied to one place, but is also a means of transport that accompanies its inhabitants on their journey through breathtaking landscapes and to attractions worth seeing. This is associated with a high degree of independence and reliability. The seclusion on the water offers peace and relaxation in close proximity to nature. On the way you can gather many new impressions. In interesting places, you simply moor in a harbor for an exciting shore excursion. Except in fairways and nature reserves, anchoring is allowed almost everywhere.

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Locaboat: The right provider for your houseboat holiday

Locaboat’s concept is based on freedom and flexibility. Instead of being tied to a fixed itinerary, you can design your route to your liking. The houseboats are easy to operate and do not require a special boating license, making them ideal for beginners and experienced boaters alike. You can stop wherever you want, whether it’s to explore quaint villages, shop at local markets, or just enjoy nature.

Locaboat’s fleet

Locaboat’s fleet includes different types of houseboats, designed for comfort and convenience. These range from traditional pénichettes® to modern Europa boats, all of which have fully equipped kitchens, cosy sleeping areas and modern bathrooms. Some models even offer amenities such as sundecks and barbecue areas.

A sustainable way to travel

Locaboat also attaches importance to sustainability. The houseboats are designed to minimize the environmental footprint, and the company is committed to promoting eco-friendly practices. This makes Locaboat an ideal choice for eco-conscious travelers.

On idyllic waterways on the way to the most beautiful destinations

The Mecklenburg Lake District

View of the harbour of the colourful harbour town of Röbel Müritz in the Mecklenburg Lake District
View of the harbour of the colourful harbour town of Röbel Müritz in the Mecklenburg Lake District, Image: Wolfgang Cibura / shutterstock

In Germany , there are hundreds of kilometers of navigable waterways such as rivers and canals. In addition, there are countless idyllic lakes. However, one of the most popular German houseboat areas is the Mecklenburg Lake District, which invites you to varied boat tours with its numerous waterways and lakes. It is the largest networked water sports area in Europe. The land of 1000 lakes captivates with its almost endless wealth of flora and fauna, but also with countless old castles, palaces and historic towns. Beavers and kingfishers cavort on the shores of the nature reserves, sea eagles and ospreys circle in the air.

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Berlin / The Brandenburg Lake District

A paradise for nature lovers is the Brandenburg Lake District, north of Berlin , whose waterways are largely connected to each other. At its heart lies the Ruppin Lake District with its wooded shores and picturesque bathing lakes with their crystal-clear water. Idyllic cycling and hiking trails lead through the impressive nature. Enchanting fairytale castles await you along the way. Charming places have a rich history and a vibrant culture. Picturesquely located on the Grienericksee is the state-approved resort of Rheinsberg with the Rheinsberg Castle and its pretty town centre. The city of Storkow, with its more than 800-year-old old town, is one of the oldest cities in Brandenburg.

Saale Valley

The picturesque Saale offers the perfect backdrop for a quiet houseboat holiday over 100 kilometres from Calbe to Merseburg. Along this waterway there are many castles and palaces. The historic city centres of Bernburg, Halle and Merseburg are the main attractions. Locaboat has also added the Saale Valley to its program .

Lake Constance

An unforgettable holiday on the water is also promised by the largest lake in Germany, Lake Constance in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The small sea in the border triangle is framed by the breathtaking landscape of the Alps and also borders Switzerland and Austria. Excellent water quality and shallow beaches invite you to swim. Cities such as Meersburg and Lindau are just as worth seeing as the flower island of Mainau.