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Tandemsprung über Prag, Bild: Germanskydiver / shutterstock

Pure adrenaline – the best kicks for a holiday in the Czech Republic

Every year, thousands of people who are ready for a holiday think about where they want to go. In addition to sunny beaches and beach holidays, many are also attracted to nature. Active holidays are very popular, and you can take on one or two long journeys to get there. But sometimes you don’t have to look so far into the distance. You can also experience fantastic adventures in Europe. Especially in the Czech Republic, there are still a few very special highlights waiting for adrenaline junkies.

Holiday destination Czech Republic – mountains, charm and dumplings

Karlovy Vary
Karlovy Vary, Image: joyfull / shutterstock

If you are planning an active holiday, a trip to the Czech Republic is completely taken care of. Here you can spend a fantastic winter holiday on wonderful ski slopes, toboggan runs and snow tubing trails. In summer, the mountains invite you to go hiking, mountain biking and climbing. In the evening, the hearty, rustic cuisine with Bohemian dumplings and delicious roast or goulash awaits the starving adventure holidaymakers.

But the Czech Republic not only offers fascinating mountains and hiking paradises, but also imposing cities with a lot of history and culture. In addition to spas such as Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně, tranquil towns such as Eger or Asch, lively cities such as Prague with its famous charm or Brno and Pilsen are also waiting to present their sights to visitors.

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3 tips for an active holiday with a difference in the Czech Republic

But then we have the wild Czech Republic. Places where the pulse rises, adrenaline shoots through the body and the legs sometimes tremble. Pure action can be found at shooting ranges, while skydiving. while trike, rafting or on an adventure trip with the quad. Even tank driving is possible in the Czech Republic.- Here are the 5 most unusual tips for that special kick.

Adrenaline rush at the shooting range

Shooting range Czech Republic – some people might imagine a boring training. But the complete opposite is the case! In the Czech Republic, especially near Prague, you can slip into the role of a soldier for a day. Fans can expect many different packages with legendary weapons, some of which have become sadly famous in the wars of the world. Always at the side of lovers of a real shooting experience are certified trainers, who know the weapons to a large extent themselves from their previous professions.

BMP Tank Driving in Prague

The various offers that allow you to drive a tank go in a similar direction. Instead of the normal sightseeing tours, or in addition to them, you can experience something very special here that you won’t forget in a hurry. In military-style clothing, the small group goes into a Soviet amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle, i.e. a tank. After the trip, they go to a military museum, where the adventurers also get their tank driving diploma. If you don’t dare to touch the tank, you can first enjoy a fast-paced quad ride through the Czech countryside starting in Milovice.

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Tandem skydive

Of course, the special adventure doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with the military and shooting. You can also really get your circulation and heartbeat going with other pleasures. During a tandem jump with a parachute in Prague , for example, the heart can beat a little faster. You will be rewarded with an incomparable view and one of the most beautiful experiences in life: free flying and gliding.