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Bild: Dr. Beckmann

Fresh laundry while traveling

Smart products are in demand for vanlife, camping and the like – such as the MAGIC LEAVES detergent sheets from Dr. Beckmann. This makes it easy to do laundry on the go.

Egelsbach, May 2023. Who says that freshly washed laundry can only flutter on the line at home? After a day at the sea, a hiking tour through the mountains or a barbecue in front of the camper, there are plenty of reasons to do the laundry on the trip. Whether you’re on tour alone, as a couple or as a family, MAGIC LEAVES by Dr. Beckmann are the perfect companions.

Small leaf, big freshness

Holidays away from street life are particularly fun with practical helpers. With MAGIC LEAVES, you don’t have to miss out on the feeling of freshly washed laundry even when travelling: the pre-dosed, waterless detergent sheets in a compact format cannot leak or spill and are easy to use. One detergent sheet is enough for 4.5 kilograms of laundry, for hand washing with less laundry volume it is simply cut in half.

MAGIC LEAVES are free of microplastics and preservatives and give the laundry cleanliness and a wonderfully fresh scent. Packed in a handy, resealable pouch, MAGIC LEAVES can be stored flexibly even in the smallest of spaces, such as in the drawer under the bench seat or in the luggage net on the wall – ideal for a holiday adventure with a mobile home.

For the sake of the environment

Dr. Beckmann MAGIC LEAVES stand for a new, easy way to wash. The innovative product is also in terms of sustainability: MAGIC LEAVES are effective even at low, energy-saving temperatures from 20° degrees. With a lightweight weight of 100 grams with 25 detergent sheets per pack, MAGIC LEAVES achieve a total washing performance of up to 112.5 kilograms of laundry. Compared to liquid detergents in plastic bottles with comparable wash loads, the MAGIC LEAVES stand-up pouch has up to 80 percent less packaging and takes up less space, which saves CO2 emissions during transport. For a good feeling when doing laundry.

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MAGIC LEAVES detergent sheets are available in the Universal and Color variants in food retailers, drugstores and online retailers. One package/25 pieces RRP: 3.99 euros
(Washing instructions as PDF download – just click on the picture >>)

About Dr. Beckmann

Value retention is the most sustainable care – the Dr. Beckmann brand has been following this credo since the early 1980s with highly effective special products for laundry care, stain removal and household cleaning. Behind the brand is the medium-sized and owner-managed family business delta pronatura Dr. Krauss & Dr. Beckmann KG, based in Egelsbach near Frankfurt am Main. The company is represented around the globe with its international business. In addition to the highest-selling brand Dr. Beckmann, the company also includes the well-known brands Bullrich – as well as Blistex and Bi-Oil in licensed distribution.