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El Lago Verde auf Lanzarote, Bild: Reisemagazin Online

El Lago Verde Lanzarote – Green Lagoon at the half-submerged volcanic crater

Near the fishing village of El Golfo in the southwest of the volcanic island of Lanzarote lies a spectacular natural wonder. El Lago Verde (the green lake) nestles crescent-shaped on the edge of a crater half submerged in the sea. Its bright green color is striking, which stands out strikingly and visible from afar against the dark lava sand along the seashore. The Green Lagoon is one of the top photo motifs of the Canary Island, which tourists from all over the world try to capture with their cameras.

Where does the distinctive color of Lake Verde come from?

Many colourful phenomena of nature are due to small, simply structured creatures. For example, the delicate pink to bright pink plumage of flamingos. The actually white birds get their magnificent color from algae and small crustaceans that contain carotenoids. When the flamingos eat these small creatures, the pigments from the carotenoids are deposited in their plumage and allow them to come into their own magnificently as colourful birds.

The situation is a little similar with the intense green color of the crescent-shaped lake on the crater rim. He owes it to an increased settlement of the algae Ruppia Maritima. Actually, it is a freshwater plant, but it is also tolerant of the salty seawater with which the lagoon is filled. Through the clean, clear water of the lagoon, the blaze of colour of the algae comes into play very effectively.

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The explosive formation of the sunken volcano

El Lago Verde
El Lago Verde, Image: Reisemagazin Online

Lago Verde stretches along the crater rim of Montaña de Golfo. The volcano directly on the coast was formed by hydrovolcanism. Typical of this form of volcanism is an explosion caused by the meeting of escaping hot magma with the cold seawater. The force of the explosion often causes boulders to be hurled through the air. The explosion formed the tuff ring of Montaña de Golfo, which lies above the water surface. What should interest jewelry lovers: The light green mineral olivine, a raw material for beautiful gemstones, can be found in the black lava sand around the crater rim.

Is the magnificent, green crater lake drying up?

Bright green, the small, elongated lake is an attraction on Lanzarote. It competes with even the most radiant natural beauties and man-made tourist attractions of the volcanic island. But for how long? Although the crescent-shaped saltwater lake is constantly fed by underground ocean currents, its water level decreases noticeably due to evaporation. Another irreversible consequence of global warming? That will become clear in the future, but El Lago Verde can still be admired in all its glory.

Eating fresh fish in the village of El Golfo

Not far from the Green Lagoon is the fishing village of El Golfo, which is an ideal place to go for those who appreciate the delicacies of the Atlantic Ocean. Freshly caught fish and seafood paella are served by the restaurants lined up along the coast on the terrace, which offers magnificent views of the sea and the surrounding area. As an alternative to a visit to a restaurant in the fishing village or before dinner, a stay at the beach Playa de Montaña Bermeja, which connects directly south to Lake Verde, is a good idea.