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Strand von Bavaro in Punta Cana, Bild: Nick N A / shutterstock

Punta Cana – the pearl of the Dominican Republic

A poet once came up with an apt formulation when he was asked about the advantages of the Dominican Republic. His statement: “A holiday on this beautiful island is like bathing in a watercolour”. Anyone who has ever gone to one of Punta Cana’s dream beaches is convinced that this judgment is true. Statisticians know that more than forty percent of the approximately three million tourists who look around the Dominican Republic every year look for their own personal domicile at the eastern tip of the island. Punta Cana is unquestionably a pearl among the paradisiacal spots of the Caribbean. With an almost always blue sea and wonderfully warm waves.

1,500 kilometres of pristine white beach

Punta Cana – these nine letters stand for dreamlike beaches and secluded bays. It is the Costa de Coco, and almost everywhere the beach drops gently into the waters of the Caribbean Sea. If you head for the Dominican Republic from Europe, you usually end up at the international airport at the gates of Punta Cana. After a long flight, the short distances on the island are quite pleasant. The republic has no less than 1,500 kilometres of beaches. It is white almost everywhere, and many of them are considered by international tourism managers to be among the most beautiful in the world. The bright white of the sand competes with the green of the palm trees and the sea, which rarely drops below 26 degrees Celsius.

Hotel offers for every budget

The majority of resorts are located in the Dominican Republic in and around Punta Cana. And these are made for everyone’s wallet. Some are more mid-range hotels, others are particularly tailored to a sporty crowd of guests. Even all-inclusive offers are available in this region of the Caribbean at surprisingly low prices. And almost everywhere, holidaymakers can look forward to top-class restaurants. Punta Cana is something of an Eldorado for gourmets. An 18-hole golf course on the doorstep of this tourist stronghold was designed by none other than the American star designer Pete Dye. The course is one of the best in the entire Caribbean. Since the Dominican Republic is located in the tropical climate zone, guests from all over the world can expect temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius all year round. If you look around Punta Cana today, it is hard to imagine that a little more than a quarter of a century ago, this place was still a blank spot on the map of international tourism.

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Guests at a Caribbean wedding

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Punta Cana, Image: Valentin Valkov / shutterstock

Punta Cana is more than just sand and beach. It is worth visiting some of the sights of this region. Among other things, the romantic church Jesus Maestro Parish. The small church is always the scene of a Caribbean wedding. If you’re lucky enough to be here at the right time, you’ll never forget the colorful and cheerful ceremony. The sleepy-looking fishing village of El Cortecito specialises in offering typical island goods. Here you can find jewellery of all kinds in the shops. But also a wealth of CDs with merengue music. And if you want to have a bottle of rum in your luggage on the flight home, you will find the right variety in El Cortecito. Punta Cana is surrounded by the Este National Park. It has a size of 430 square kilometers and is home to rare birds and plants. If you want to visit the interesting Cuevas des Puente and Josè Maria, you should put yourself in the care of experienced guides.

Swim with dolphins in the park

A typical artists’ village is located not far from La Romana. The town of Altos de Chavón is almost a birthday present, because it was built by a certain Charles Bludhorn. He wanted to give his daughter a special present. Today, sculptors, painters, musicians and internationally acclaimed photographers work here in the various workshops. The amphitheater in Altos de Chavón has become a cultural hotspot of the Dominican Republic, offering space for five thousand people. The theme park in Bávaro-Punta Cana is very popular. In Manati Park, flowers bloom in all seasons. Especially the numerous colorful orchids. Visitors also have the opportunity to swim with dolphins or attend a show with seals. Guests get very close to the culture of the island while strolling through a typical Taino village.

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Clear water and dazzling corals

If you fly to Punta Cana to enjoy the sun, sand and beach, you are spoilt for choice. Even the locals do not agree in their assessment of the ranking of the most beautiful beaches. Guests are drawn to Playa Bavaro because of the clear water and the dazzling coral world. Playa El Macao is popular for its naturalness, and Playa Arena Garda is the epitome of an exotic world with coconut palms on the beach and dives to the wreck of the MS Astron. Playa Bonita is framed by bizarre rocks. The “Beautiful Beach” is blessed with a golden yellow sand. If you are prepared for longer hikes on the beach in Punta Cana, you will find your paradise at Cabeza de Toro.