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Im Urlaub lassen sich besonders viele interessante Motive zum fotografieren finden, Bild: kudla / shutterstock

Beautiful memories of the holiday

A photo book or photo print is an excellent way to capture the beautiful memories of the holiday together. In the past, you shot two or three films full and brought them to development after the holidays. Those days are over thanks to digital cameras and smartphones equipped with powerful cameras. Nowadays, thanks to user-friendly software for laymen, it is also possible to order photo printing online quickly and easily.

However, before you start designing the book online, you should first sort out the desired pictures and think about the order in which they will be placed.

Rosemood Online Shop
Website of Rosemood

Once this point is ticked off, you choose the desired provider. Admittedly, the selection of providers on the Internet is extensive. If you value careful workmanship and high-quality paper grades, we recommend the French supplier Rosemood Atelier, based in Nantes in western France.

Founded in 2006, the company specialised in the printing of high-quality birth cards in 2010 after initial difficulties. A big step was already taken in 2013: the print products could be manufactured in the company’s own halls. Thus, the high quality standards of the paper lovers could be asserted. In the same year, the young company published its first German-language website, “geburtskarten.com”.

More and more print products have been added to the range over the years. From high-quality Christmas and wedding cards, photo prints to the popular photo books.

Best print result

To authentically reproduce your photos and highlight the contrasts, Rosemood Atelier uses 5-colour digital printing. However, before the product is printed, it must of course first be designed. In the first step, you can choose from various layouts, also known as templates.

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Once you have decided on a template, upload the pre-selected images to the software and start placing the images. In the photo book, the individually designed pages can be provided with text to keep the memories of certain sights or people alive in this way.

Take a few hours to design it. The result will thank you and you will always have a great pleasure in reminiscing.

Good ideas to immortalize your vacation pictures on paper

  • Picturesque bridges on the city trip, e.g. the Charles Bridge in Prague, the Rialto Bridge in Venice or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
  • Famous sights such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Acropolis in Athens or the Colosseum in Rome are ideal for a large-format print
  • The wonderful sunset on the beach
  • Family photo with all family members (especially on vacation, other tourists are always helpful and happy to help take pictures.

General tips for taking photos on holiday

  • Be sure to take a second battery or, depending on the device, a power bank with you
  • Look for exciting, unusual motifs
  • For high image quality, don’t overdo the use of zoom
  • Feel free to take two to three pictures at a time and then choose the right motif
  • Keep the lens clean
  • To save storage space, you can delete failed pictures directly