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Der Strand von Nerja, Bild: Valery Bareta / shutterstock

Costa del Sol – between dream beaches and natural spectacle

On the beautiful Costa del Sol, the name says it all: With about 320 days of sunshine and pleasant temperatures all year round, the “Sun Coast” in the south of Spain is the perfect holiday destination. In addition to beautiful beaches, the coast of the province of Málaga in Andalusia offers great scenery, culturally interesting cities, picturesque villages and much more.

Beach variety with a touch of the tropics or action on the water

Málaga, Andalusia
View of Málaga in Andalusia, Image: S-F / shutterstock

If you are looking for a varied beach holiday, you will find fulfilment on the Costa del Sol. The numerous beaches offer different focal points. Thus, you can feel a touch of the tropics at Playa Las Viborillas. The appearance of the rather remote and unknown stand partly resembles a tropical island. A fascinating flora and cliffs surround the place, which is also particularly suitable for families due to the calm sea.

The Playa de Río Real is a little more action-packed. Water sports enthusiasts can jet ski across the sea, take a boat tour or just swim. In addition, the “Trocadero Arena” is an exclusive restaurant.
If you are on a beach tour on the Costa del Sol, one of the most famous beaches should not be missing: Playa de Burriana. The beach in Nerja impresses with 800 meters of the finest golden sand, from which you enter the crystal clear water. A kayak tour is particularly worthwhile here, where small waterfalls and caves offer a wonderful natural spectacle.

Of course, snorkelers and divers also get their money’s worth on the Costa del Sol. In the turquoise waters of Playa de Maro there is a colourful world of fish. The idyllic beach is located in the Acantilados nature reserve and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.

Tired of the beach? Excursion destinations and sights on the Costa del Sol

Frigiliana, Costa del Sol
View of Frigiliana, Image: Botond Horvath / shutterstock

As beautiful as the beaches are, especially on a longer holiday, you should not miss the other beauties of this pretty area in Andalusia. How about a day trip to Frigiliana, for example? Built on a small hill, this “pueblos blanco” (white village) offers a fantastic view of the landscape. The white houses with their red roofs reflect the sun and thus create a magical atmosphere. A walk through the narrow streets past flower pots with jasmine, lavender and bougainvillea is just as worthwhile as a hike on the various surrounding hiking trails.

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Nature parks are popular destinations for many holidaymakers. A few kilometers away from Antequera is one of the most important and unique natural parks in Andalusia. In the Paraje Natural de El Torcal nature reserve, enchanted and fairytale limestone formations create a surreal picture. Flora and fauna are very varied here and there are some species that only occur there. For children, El Torcal is an exciting adventure where there is something around every corner that wants to be discovered.

Culture, art, flamenco and all kinds of sights can be experienced in the fascinating city of Granada . From the beaches it is only about an hour to the capital of the province of the same name. The Alhambra impresses as one of the most beautiful Muslim palaces and is also the landmark of the city. In front of the Sierra Nevada , the World Heritage Site offers an incomparable backdrop. Visitors to the Alcaiceria Market in the old town feel Arabian flair. The Casa de Los Tiros is one of Granada’s many beautiful architectural works. The Renaissance building now houses a local history and art museum.
Another destination worth seeing is the tourist resort of Mijas Costa.

The beautiful center of the old town invites you to stroll. Among the best sights is the ancient Arab wall with the gardens. Walking through the colourful and fragrant complex, there is an impressive view over the Costa del Sol. The Cuesta de la Villa viewing platform even offers a view of Morocco on a clear day. Many guests see the old rock chapel as one of the main attractions of Mijas. The chapel is built into a rock and inside you can admire the image of the patron saint of Mijas.

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The caves of Nerja are a spectacular sight. Children discovered this impressive natural monument in 1959. Visitors can look forward to the largest limestone column in the world, many geological and archaeological treasures, and cave paintings by Neanderthals.

During a holiday on the Costa del Sol, a visit to the capital Málaga should of course also be planned. The modern skyline is blended with the hilltop fortresses, ruins of the Castillo and Alcazaba. Málaga’s port is one of the oldest ports in Spain and is ideal for a nice stroll past yachts, merchant, cruise and tourist ships. The bullring is probably the most characteristic landmark of the capital. Even as a critic of bullfights, it is worthwhile to look at the building with its oriental design. Bullfights only take place there on selected dates.

Typical Costa del Sol

Beautiful beaches, picturesque villages and fascinating cities are also offered by other holiday regions. But there are a few things that are clearly typical of Costa del Sol. One of them is Verdiales. A music that has its origins in the peasants and is still often played by the villagers in the province of Malaga.
What Verdiales is as a typical sound, Biznaga is as a distinctive fragrance of the Costa del Sol. The jasmine bouquet, which is elaborately tied by hand, must be placed flower by flower on a dry stem. In summer, they are sold on the street and the open flowers release an intense smell.

The palate is particularly pleased with the taste of fried fish (anchovy) during a holiday on the sunny coast. The dish is popular and is on the menu at the many beach bars.

In the end, it is probably the combination of a varied landscape, many sunny days and the typical features that makes the Costa del Sol one of the most popular destinations in Europe.