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Nordjylland lockt mit wundervollen Stränden und traumhafter Natur, Bild: Lars Meinel / shutterstock

Nordjylland – Lots of variety

Breathtaking nature, relaxation away from the big tourist crowds and lots of variety: the Nordjylland region in northern Denmark offers all of this. The northern tip of Denmark, which is framed by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, actually has something suitable for every holidaymaker. The capital of the region is Aalborg, the fourth largest city in the country. From here you can explore the varied region very well.

Aalborg: The centre of Nordjylland

Aalborg Nordjylland
View of Aalborg, Image: Anders Riishede / shutterstock

And Aalborg itself also has a lot to offer. In the city of 120,000 inhabitants, for example, you can’t get past the half-timbered castle “Aalborhus Castle”. The 16th-century castle attracts thousands of visitors from all over Europe every year. The monastery of the Holy Spirit from the 15th century is also extremely worth seeing. Fans of modern art of the 20th century will get their money’s worth at the KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg. The large zoo, the well-known harbour and the numerous cultural activities are also good reasons to visit Aalborg. The city also has an international airport, which is served by many international airlines.

Other sights in Nordjylland

If you are traveling in the north of Denmark, you should definitely make a detour to Hirtshals. The port city is home to the largest aquarium in Northern Europe. Adults and children alike can experience exciting adventures on and under the water with countless water inhabitants in various indoor and outdoor pools. In addition to small and large fish, grey seals and seals can also be experienced live. Art lovers are in good hands in the port city of Skagen. In the city of painters and light is the art museum “Skagens Museum”, which is known far beyond the Danish borders. Not far away is the Skagen Odde Nature Center. A popular place to go for families with children is the Farup Sommerland amusement park. With more than 60 attractions, the park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Denmark. Both children and adults are sure to find something suitable here to spend a varied day on holiday – be it on one of the many roller coasters, on the trampolines or on a guided tour through the forest.

Beautiful beaches and stunning nature

Nordjylland is a popular holiday destination, especially in the summer months. Especially on the numerous North Sea and Baltic Sea beaches, numerous beach vacationers from all over Europe cavort. And even though many tourists have discovered this region for themselves in recent years, they are still among the insider tips compared to the famous and very crowded Mediterranean beaches. In addition, the temperatures are much more pleasant than in the Mediterranean regions. The region is characterized above all by its breathtaking flora and fauna as well as countless natural features. There are two huge shifting dunes on the coasts. The Rubjerg Knude dune, which is located south of Lønstrup on the North Sea coast, is 1900 metres long and 400 metres wide. Between Nissum Fjord and the North Sea is an eight-kilometre-long and narrow Bøvling dune. If you are traveling in the region, you can’t miss the Thy National Park. Denmark’s oldest national park, located on the island of Vendsyssel, is home to numerous animals and plants. In the more than 200 small and large lakes within the national park, for example, the water lobelia and the common pill fern can be found. About 30 different bird species have found a home in the Hanstholm Game Reserve – including the wood sandpiper, the crane and the short-eared owl.

A paradise for water sports enthusiasts

The coastal regions in particular are a paradise for water sports enthusiasts from all over the world. Thanks to the special winds and waves, the small town of 1000 inhabitants has become one of the hottest surfing hot spots in Europe in recent years, where the World Championship has already taken place several times. The optimal surfing conditions have earned the former fishing village the nickname “Cold Hawaii”. But not only surf professionals feel right at home here, beginners will also find perfect conditions to learn to surf here. In addition to surfing, the local water sports schools also offer stand-up paddling, kitesurfing or windsurfing. Relaxed tours by canoe are just as suitable on the coasts of Nordjylland as sailing trips.

Explore Nordjylland by bike

If you want to travel by bike on holiday, Nordjylland is also the right place for you. After all, the region offers more than 10,000 kilometres of signposted cycle routes for every taste. If you want to explore the region in a relaxed way by bike, you will find beautiful routes along the Limfjord, among other things. If you are on the road with a mountain bike and like it more challenging and sporty, you will find various mountain bike trails with different levels of difficulty – including in Rebild or near Slettestrand. And if you don’t have your own bike with you, you can also rent one at the numerous rental stations.

Nordjylland in winter

The north of Denmark is not only a popular holiday destination in the warmer seasons. There is also a lot to experience here in winter. In addition to a relaxing walk on the beach, you can also take a leisurely ride on cross-country skis in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature. In addition, you can really pamper yourself and your body in the baths and saunas of the region and enjoy a wellness program.