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Pier in Misdroy, Bild: luna4 / shutterstock

Międzyzdroje: the Polish Baltic Sea pearl

The city of Międzyzdroje, located in the north of Poland, is a small town even by Polish standards with just over 5,400 inhabitants. However, this does not change the fact that Międzyzdroje is one of the most popular destinations for domestic holidays in Poland. The West Pomeranian city owes this to its wonderful location on the Pomeranian Bay. Here you can swim in the waters of the Baltic Sea , relax on the beach or immerse yourself in a still largely untouched natural landscape in the nearby Wollin Landscape Park. In addition, Międzyzdroje is only a few kilometres away from the German border, the Baltic Sea island of Usedom and the Polish city of Szczecin. There are just 230 kilometres to go to Berlin . These should also be reasons enough for international visitors to pay a visit to this Baltic Sea pearl.

The pier

Międzyzdroje in Poland
Międzyzdroje is a popular holiday resort on the Baltic Sea in Poland, Image: PHOTHO Tomasz Sergej / shutterstock

Międzyzdroje is best known at home and abroad for its expansive pier. It is located in the eastern part of the beach promenade, which is no less than two kilometres long, and has a length of almost 400 metres. If you stroll along the pier, you will pass several small shops that offer all kinds of sweets, clothing and souvenirs. If you want, you can also stop at one of the many restaurants or cafés on the pier and watch the waves of the Baltic Sea from there while dining. In addition, from the bridge you also have the best view of the harbor of the Baltic Sea resort of Międzyzdroje. In the past, the pier of Międzyzdroje was made entirely of wood.

However, since such wooden constructions are quite susceptible to the weather, the pier had to be renewed again and again with a lot of effort and at high cost. In the 1990s, the city authorities therefore decided to replace the wooden bridge with a steel bridge. This provided more stability and also enabled the bridge builders to install a pier that protrudes many meters out into the sea from the Baltic Sea shore. The further walkers walk over the bridge over the Baltic Sea, the more salty sea air blows around their noses. Since the bridge construction has been stably expanded, it has also been possible for ships of all sizes to head for it and moor at the pier there. From here, for example, excursion boats can now be boarded that lead to the imperial baths on Usedom. Depending on the destination, the journey time is between one hour and 90 minutes.

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From the beach to the cliffs of the Wolin National Park

A very special experience is a walk on the beach in Międzyzdroje. The path leads over two kilometres below a breathtaking cliff. The special highlight is that the steep coast can be climbed from the Baltic Sea beach via stairs in several places. From the top you have a wonderful view over the Baltic Sea. One of the most popular viewpoints of this kind is called the Coffee Mountain by the locals. If you want, you can not only enjoy the view of the Baltic Sea from the Kaffeeberg, but also take a signposted hiking trail into the adjacent natural landscape. Here you walk through a densely covered deciduous forest of copper beeches and oaks, which looks very picturesque, especially in autumn, when the leaves are colourful.

An exciting trip to the Międzyzdroje bison enclosure

The Międzyzdroje bison enclosure can be easily reached on foot from the city centre. It is only about 1.5 kilometers from Międzyzdroje. Several well-flagged hiking trails lead directly to the enclosure. In a 28-hectare area, numerous bison, also known as European bison, live there. This massive wild species of cattle is mainly native to Eastern Europe. In the Międzyzdroje bison enclosure, wild animals can be viewed in their natural habitat. There are various viewing terraces that allow a good view of the bison. Audio guides, which are also available in German, inform visitors about everything they need to know about bison.

The Wax Museum and the Oceanarium

If you travel to Międzyzdroje, you don’t have to fear bad weather days. Because there are plenty of opportunities in the city to pass the time even when it rains. For example, Międzyzdroje has a wax museum, which is located directly on the city’s lakeside promenade. If you have visited the pier, you can go straight on to the wax museum. More than 100 wax replicas of real personalities can be seen here. In addition to Polish stars, international greats such as Michael Jackson and Arnold Schwarzenegger have also found their way into the Polish wax museum. The Oceanarium is also very centrally located in the centre of Międzyzdroje. Sea creatures from all over the world are gathered in 24 aquariums. For example, there are different species of sharks and shrimps. In addition, the replica of a coral reef can be admired. In the tunnel aquarium, which has a length of 16 meters, visitors themselves move through the seawater almost like a fish.

Wolin National Park

Wolin National Park
Wollin National Park, Image: rpilatova / shutterstock

Anyone who has visited the bison enclosure already knows the way to the Wollin National Park, because the enclosure is part of the park. You can hike through the approximately 10,000-hectare area for days. The national park offers nature lovers a huge network of well-signposted hiking trails of different lengths and levels of difficulty. The biodiversity found there is unique. About 1,100 different plant and 270 animal species can be found in the Wolin National Park. Among them are numerous species that are protected. The park’s tree population is also worth seeing and is particularly remarkable because of the old age of many trees. Again and again, hikers reach the steep coast via the widely branched hiking trails of the national park. The national park also includes a museum where you can learn many details about the flora and fauna of the park.

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The centre of Międzyzdroje

Even without a specific destination, a walk through the centre of Międzyzdroje is worthwhile. On the way, tourists pass numerous magnificent villas from the 19. and 20th century, which were designed in the tradition of spa architecture. In addition, there is a Walk of Fame not only in Cannes and Los Angeles, but also in Międzyzdroje. Like the big models, it is designed with handprints and signatures of the stars immortalized there. Even though the Polish greats of show business are probably rather unknown to German visitors, the Walk of Fame in the small Polish town is a real sight. At the edge of the promenade is the fishing port. Here, freshly caught fish are sold in raw and prepared form directly from the boat to the connoisseurs.

Everything you need to know about Międzyzdroje at a glance

  • Location and access: Międzyzdroje is located in West Pomerania in Poland, on the island of Wolin. It is easily accessible by car, bus or train from larger cities such as Szczecin or Gdansk.
  • Beaches: The town is known for its wide, fine sandy beach, ideal for sunbathing and various water sports.
  • Nature and surroundings: Międzyzdroje borders the Woliński National Park, which is rich in nature and wildlife. The park offers many hiking trails and the opportunity to observe rare bird species.
  • Tourist attractions:
    • The pier: A popular meeting place with a view of the Baltic Sea.
    • The Wax Museum: Contains wax figures of well-known personalities.
    • The Sound Forest (Las Dźwiękowy): An adventure trail that combines nature and music.
  • Cultural events: Numerous cultural events take place during the summer months, including the Festival of the Stars, where well-known Polish musicians and artists perform.
  • Gastronomy: In Międzyzdroje, there are a variety of restaurants and cafes that offer local specialties such as fresh fish and other seafood.
  • Accommodation: There is a wide range of accommodation, from luxury hotels to cozy apartments and campsites.
  • Activities: In addition to beach activities, visitors can enjoy cycling, hiking, and various water sports such as sailing and windsurfing.