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Eine Radtour, vielleicht mit einem Picknick verbunden, ist für Kinder ein unvergessliches Erlebnis, Bild: Grekov's / shutterstock

Holidays with the family: why is it important and how are harmonious holidays guaranteed?

Our everyday lives are usually characterized by stress and time pressure. Reconciling work with the family is a great challenge. Only rarely do parents enjoy hours together with their children, which – especially with offspring in adolescence – often leave a bad aftertaste due to disputes. Many mothers and fathers fear that family holidays could turn into a disaster. However, if you do it right, you can only benefit from it, because it is important for young and old.

Welding the family together

Experience has shown that shared experiences weld young and old together. A time-out leads to relaxation on both sides, suddenly all family members show a completely different behavior than at home. You get to know each other in a practically new way in changed life situations. To make this possible, parents and their children should do as much as possible together on holiday. This includes enjoying daily meals, relaxing hours on the beach and varied leisure activities.

Gain time together

Saving time is an important aspect during the holiday trip. Our everyday life is shaped by professional and school life, plus household, shopping and much more. After school, children often have to do a lot of homework. If there are hobbies on the agenda, the day is over without parents and offspring being able to talk in peace. A trip takes us out of the daily grind and finally allows us to spend a pleasant time together.

Charging batteries

At the latest when the travel preparations such as packing our suitcases are finally behind us, our energy reserves are usually used up. Holidays are the perfect opportunity to recharge our batteries and recharge our batteries. While parents and offspring relax together, all family members recharge their energy reserves. You benefit from this not only during the holidays, but also long afterwards – a harmonious coexistence at home is therefore on the agenda.

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Take souvenir photos

Haflinger herds
In summer, you can discover huge herds of Haflinger on the South Tyrolean alpine meadows, Image: ON-Photography Germany / shutterstock

Today, the majority of the population has a smartphone with a good camera function. So it’s easy to capture funny and extraordinary moments forever on a picture. Whether you print them out at home or save them in your computer, watching them regularly is always fun for the whole family. In this way, the most beautiful moments in life are remembered and remain awake in us for a long time.

Learning for life on holiday

We hear again and again that travel broadens horizons. On every holiday we meet different cultures, customs and customs. Children often take great pleasure in learning foreign languages and showing off their newly acquired knowledge on site. The exotic tastes of foreign dishes can be tasted as well as unknown sports. For young and old, cosmopolitanism becomes a matter of course. The shared experiences and also the knowledge learned provide a first-class basis for a harmonious family life.

Choose a holiday destination together

It is impossible to make a generally valid statement as to when children should or can have a say in the choice of destination. It depends above all on their level of development, which varies greatly. Furthermore, it plays a role to what extent the offspring is also involved in family decisions in everyday life. Experts say that a child from the age of about 14 should be involved in decisions in all areas of life. To protect our youngest, exceptions confirm the rules.

Find the perfect destination

If opinions about the holiday destination are completely different, compromises should be found. The holidays are doomed to failure if one or the other family member “puts a good face on the bad game”.

Diversity in South Tyrol

Fortunately, there are a variety of offers today, which offer a wide variety of activities on the one hand, and a variety of relaxation facilities on the other. For example, the sports hotels in South Tyrol offer a fantastic selection of leisure activities:

  • Guided hikes
  • Accompanied e-bike and mountain bike tours
  • Golfing at the Pustertal Golf Club including shuttle transfer
  • Personal tour advice, shuttle service and equipment for snow hikes
  • Numerous services for skiing at Plan de Corones
  • Premium SPA with fitness, wellness and body treatments, also for kids and teens
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South Tyrol has long been one of the most popular holiday destinations for families with children. The Italian region owes it both to its unique landscapes, including the fascinating Dolomites, and to beautiful cities worth seeing such as Bolzano, Trento and Bressanone.

Sun, beach and sea

Enjoy your holiday together as a family, Image: Song_about_summer / shutterstock

If parents only long for relaxation, but children are bubbling over with energy, a satisfying holiday for everyone seems hardly possible at first glance. But this is not the case at all, at least if you consider the numerous travel destinations by the sea. Beaches alone offer an incredible number of opportunities to spend your holidays according to your own taste and needs.

Adults can make themselves comfortable on sun loungers and enjoy relaxing sun baths and refreshing sea baths. Stand-up paddling is possible at numerous holiday resorts – a popular and leisurely sport that also inspires many children. Depending on their age, mood and mood, the offspring – with and without parents – can take a surfing or diving course as well as take part in action-packed beach ball and other organized games.

For parents with small children as well as teenagers, a holiday in a well-equipped family resort is recommended. Young and old alike benefit from countless advantageous services and facilities, including:

  • Babysitters and toddler-friendly room facilities with high chairs, cots and more
  • Kids’ clubs, where the younger offspring are professionally supervised and entertained
  • Leisure programme for teenagers, including special entertainment, joint excursions, workshops, disco, etc.
  • Extra swimming pools for adults and children
  • Family sauna and wellness offers for young and old
  • Hotel’s own gastronomy, ideally with a varied buffet or children’s plates
  • Guarded private beach