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Tipps für einen schönen Urlaub mit Kindern, Bild: NadyaEugene / shutterstock

Family holidays: tips for a successful trip with the kids

Vacation is primarily for recreation. Finally we have time to forget the stress of everyday life and let our minds wander. However, families with children often forget this principle, even when they arrive. In order for the family holiday to be a wonderful experience for everyone, it is important to prepare it well.

Planning the family holiday is the be-all and end-all

Family fun on the beach
Fun on the beach with the kids, Image: Sunny studio / shutterstock

There is so much to discover in the world – for us adults, but even more so for our children. A family holiday is therefore the highlight of the year for many families.

For a harmonious holiday with the kids, it is first important to find out what each individual family member wants and hopes for from the holiday together. Both adults and children are allowed to wish for something that should be implemented later. So everyone is particularly looking forward to the upcoming holiday.

The best way to discuss holiday wishes is in a relaxed atmosphere, for example while playing together. Here you can also talk wonderfully about the holiday destination. Once the family has agreed on a destination, the actual preparation begins for the parents. The aim is to make the holiday as beautiful and stress-free as possible for everyone.

The following questions, among others, need to be answered when preparing for a family holiday:

  1. Are the accommodation and the immediate surroundings child-friendly and equipped with playgrounds for the little ones, for example?
  2. What sights and excursion destinations are nearby?
  3. Are there bad weather alternatives?
  4. What are the catering options in the accommodation and in the surrounding area?
  5. Is there childcare on site?
  6. Which journey is the shortest?
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For a successful holiday with the family, general planning is very important. But there should also be room for spontaneous ideas. In addition, it should be noted that all journeys with children take longer, especially with toddlers and babies. Challenging hikes or sightseeing tours are better done without children or later. Older children are very enthusiastic about hiking and cycling tours in the mountains, for example. An active holiday with teenagers, for example in South Tyrol, is just the thing here.

For the little ones, there should be small, exciting highlights everywhere if possible. This can be a playground, a climbing tower or a fun pool. Basically, if the kids are busy, the parents have a more relaxing holiday.