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Fellhorn-Gipfel bei Oberstdorf, Bild: Martin Erdniss / shutterstock

Holidays in the ski resort Fellhorn / Kanzelwand

The ski resort Fellhorn/Kanzelwand is located near Oberstdorf in the state of Bavaria, Germany. It belongs to the Allgäu Alps and is one of the most popular destinations for skiers in the Allgäu. In the early 1960s, the Fellhorn was opened up for ski tourism for the first time and has been constantly developing and growing ever since.

The Fellhorn/Kanzelwand ski area has a total of 42 kilometres of slopes, of which

  • 5 km easy (blue slopes)
  • 24 km intermediate (red slopes)
  • 3 km difficult (black slopes)

So there is a balanced mix of slopes for skiers of different abilities, whether beginner, intermediate or professional. There is also an extra children’s area for the next generation of skiers, with its own cable car and wide slopes that are particularly suitable for children.

Snow and weather conditions

Snow and weather conditions in Allgäu are generally consistent and predictable, with plenty of snow in the winter season.

The ski season usually starts in December and ends in April, depending on weather conditions. Due to the altitude of the ski area, the snow can often be well preserved, even if there are milder temperatures at lower altitudes.
If this is not the case, some state-of-the-art ski cannons are available to guarantee visitors their fun on the slopes. During the season, the average daytime temperature is usually between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius, but it can also get slightly warmer when the sun is shining.

The Fellhorn/Kanzelwand ski area also offers some interesting opportunities for deep snow fans. For example, there is a freeride slope that can be used after a safety check and equipment check.

However, it should be noted that deep snow skiing is always associated with a higher risk and that it is necessary to prepare accordingly and follow the safety rules. Therefore, it is advisable to be aware of the conditions in the ski area and safety measures before skiing in deep snow and to only ski with experienced skiers or a qualified guide.

Infrastructure and prices

Oberstdorf in winter
Oberstdorf in winter, Image: ellfoto / shutterstock

The Fellhorn/Kanzelwand ski area has a modern cable car infrastructure consisting of 18 lifts and cable cars. This has a capacity of about 48,000 people per hour, which means that waiting times are usually short. In addition, there is also an 8-seater chairlift and a 6-seater chairlift, as well as a 4-seater chairlift and a 3-seater chairlift.

Prices for a day pass can vary depending on the season, but on average they range from 35-45 EUR for adults to 25-35 EUR for children. There are also multi-day tickets and season tickets that are cheaper, as well as special offers and discounts for families and groups.

Hotels and restaurants

Fellhorn ski area
Ski resort Fellhorn, Image: Eva Bocek / shutterstock

Due to the beautiful landscape and the proximity to Oberstdorf, the Fellhorn/Kanzelwand region is traditionally a popular destination with a wide range of hotels and guesthouses in various price categories. There are both luxurious hotels and cheaper accommodations. For those who prefer to live independently, more and more holiday apartments and chalets are now available, but their booking should be planned a few months in advance.

In Oberstdorf and the surrounding area there are also many appealing restaurants, both in the hotels and in the city itself. Mostly typical Bavarian cuisine is offered, but also international dishes. In addition, there are smaller ski huts where you can also eat and drink excellently, as well as a large selection of lovingly run cafés in the town of Oberstdorf, which invite you to linger and enjoy.

Other activities

In addition to skiing, the Fellhorn/Kanzelwand ski area also offers a lot of other leisure activities, such as:

  • Winter hiking
  • Skating
  • Toboggan
  • Snowshoeing
  • Horse-drawn sleigh rides
  • etc.

A particularly popular excursion destination is the Therme Oberstdorf, where you can warm up in the heated pools after a strenuous day in the snow and relax afterwards with a nice aroma massage.


The Fellhorn/Kanzelwand ski area is versatile and represents a real alternative due to its reliable snow conditions, modern infrastructure and a wide range of other leisure activities. If you don’t want to go to Austria or Switzerland for your skiing holiday, you certainly can’t go wrong with the Fellhorn.

A special plus point is the child-friendliness. Whether it’s the slopes, the hotels or the leisure activities, the Fellhorn/Kanzelwand ski area is an ideal destination for a relaxing (or action-packed) family holiday and a perfectly suitable location for a first ski course. The beautiful landscape of the Allgäu, which is not only worth seeing for nature lovers, provides a harmonious backdrop.