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Rursee in der Eifel, Bild: r.classen / shutterstock

Holidays in the Eifel – Take a deep breath and let your mind wander

The Eifel low mountain range region is located in the German states of Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. Their foothills even extend into areas of Belgium and Luxembourg, where they bear the name Ardennes. The northern part of the “German” Eifel lies near the former imperial city of Aachen, is flanked in the south by Trier and the Moselle wine region, and stretches in the eastern part to Koblenz in the Rhine Valley. Extensive nature, mountains, rivers and streams, historic castles and palaces (for example Eltz Castle or Ehrenbreitstein Fortress), viticulture and much more – let yourself be enchanted by the diversity of the Eifel!

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Hiking in the Eifel National Park

Hiking in the Eifel
Hiking in the Eifel, Image: A.Basler / shutterstock

A holiday in the Eifel promises a variety of sights: The Eifel National Park is a large nature reserve, characterised by typical Central European flora and fauna. Many wild animals, such as eagle owls, red deer and wildcats, cavort in the characteristic beech forests, along rivers and valleys. The national park is located in the north of the Eifel between Nideggen, Gemünd in the south and in the southwest on the German-Belgian border. The Traumpfade hiking trails in the region invite you to hike.

Discover the Vulkaneifel Nature and Geopark

Volcanic Eifel
Discover the Volcanic Eifel, Image: Wolfgang Zwanzger / shutterstock

To the west is the Vulkaneifel Nature and Geopark, which stretches roughly from Ulmen in the east to Gerolstein in the west and from Wittlich in the south to Hillesheim in the north. The western part is part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks (Geopark Vulkaneifel), the eastern part (Laacher See) is not. Volcanoes were still active here about 10,000 years ago, which has shaped the landscape with numerous maars (e.g. the Daun maars), mineral and carbonic acid springs and lava flows. At around 700 m above sea level, the Ernstberg is the highest mountain in the nature park and the second highest in the entire Eifel after the Hohe Acht.

The High Fens-Eifel Nature Park is located in the area around the towns of Simmerath, Monschau, Roetgen, Stolberg and Langerwehe. In the middle of the nature park lies the former Vogelsang military training area and the extended area of the former Nazi Ordensburg Vogelsang on the Erpenscheid mountain. The southern part is called the Schnee-Eifel, where the Schwarzer Mann and the Wolfsschlucht are well-known ski resorts. In the northwest, the South Eifel borders here.

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Local recreation area Rursee & Urft Dam

The Rursee, located on the Kermeter between the district of Düren and the greater Aachen area, is a reservoir and an important local recreation area for the region and tourism. According to the schedule, the excursion boats Stella Maris and Aachen run here. Sailors, rowers, surfers and canoeists can enjoy water sports in the Rur reservoir. In the southeast it borders on the Urft Dam of the town of Schleide.

Explore the beer town of Bitburg, Bad Münstereifel and Nürburg

If you like to go on city trips, you can’t avoid visiting the brand and experience world of the well-known Bitburger Brewery in Bitburg in the South Eifel. In Bad Münstereifel you can immerse yourself in medieval history. The Nürburg , which is well worth seeing, is not only known to racing fans for the Nürburgring, but also for the castle of the same name.

Places of interest in the Eifel: Geyser Wallender Born, Irreler Waterfalls and Devil’s Gorge

Of course, there is no shortage of natural spectacles and other attractions that you can explore from your holiday apartment in the Eifel: The Wallender Born geyser is an active cold-water geyser in the village of Wallenborn. Or visit the Irreler Waterfalls and Devil’s Gorge on the lower reaches of the Prüm. There is something for everyone in the Eifel, whether in the Kakushöhle, the waterfall of Dreimühlen, the Mechernich Mining Museum, the Benedictine Abbey Maria Laach on Lake Laach or the Terra Vulcania adventure world in Mayen. Hellenthal is known for its game reserve with a bird of prey station, the Olef Dam and the Wohlfahrt Pit Visitor Mine.

Discover the Eifel now – it is worth discovering the low mountain range region in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. For overnight stays you will find a fantastic accommodation in the Eifel on Fewostay.