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Wandern im Nationalpark Eifel, Bild: Joppi / shutterstock

Green oases of Germany: Discover the natural wonders of the Eifel

When it comes to planning their next vacation, many people focus on destinations that are far away. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this in itself, but you should also head for areas that are a little closer, because they also have a lot to offer. This is the case in the Eifel, for example, which, in addition to interesting cities, can also boast exciting nature that wants to be discovered.

Germany has a lot of holiday areas where you can relax or see fascinating things just like abroad. This also includes the natural wonders of the Eifel, which allow you to have a good time and – back home – also something to tell. For example, you should definitely have visited the Eifel National Park , which attracts visitors with dense natural forests as well as beautiful streams, which offers colourful meadows with a great variety of species and has great rocky landscapes. And which is also home to moors and heaths.

Landscapes shaped by volcanoes

If you want to hike in the Eifel National Park, there are various hiking trails with a total length of almost 250 kilometres. So there are plenty of opportunities to leave everyday life behind and immerse yourself in nature, which is also due to the fact that this national park, founded in 2004, has an area of a remarkable 11,000 hectares. For example, the Wilderness Trail, which is 85 km long, is recommended. Here you will not only get your money’s worth in terms of different views, but you can also face the challenge of large ascents and descents.

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But the Eifel also knows how to inspire with natural wonders in other ways. There are about several hundred volcanoes there. The fact that these have decisively shaped the landscape can be seen, for example, in the more than 70 maars. A maar is a funnel or bowl-shaped hollow that either remained dry or filled with water, creating a lake there. Many of these maars – such as the Pulvermaar, the Eichholzmaar or the Immerather Maar – invite you to linger and enjoy not only nature itself, but also the tranquility of the attractive surroundings.

Experience the adventurous nature

Also recommended is the Devil’s Gorge, which was formed many thousands of years ago due to alternating weather conditions, through which huge rocks came loose and fell to the ground. This created a landscape that makes an adventurous hike possible and in which there is much to discover. In addition to waterfalls, you will also find mossy rocks, which in turn can be admired in a wide variety of formations and some of them have considerable heights. In any case, boredom does not arise here either!

Another natural wonder of the Eifel worth mentioning is the Wallende Born. This is a cold-water geyser in Wallenborn. If you don’t see anything when you arrive, you have to wait a bit, because the geyser erupts about every half hour and is then active for about five minutes. And if you are enthusiastic about exciting hikes on wooden footbridges, the High Fens high moor is recommended, which is one of the last high moors in Europe.

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The Eifel is worth it

If you are in the mood for very special natural wonders, you should go to the Eifel. The varied landscape offers a lot for the eye and leaves no room for boredom.