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Die Seebrücke in Sellin, Bild: canadastock / shutterstock

The Baltic Sea resort of Sellin – so much more than just sun and sand

Located in the far northeast of Germany, the island of Rügen is a popular holiday destination and one of the most beautiful destinations in eastern Germany. In the east of the island lies the municipality of Sellin, which scores with many interesting sights and a special scenic location. Sellin is located in the Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve in a hilly landscape. Here, bathing enthusiasts, as well as sun-seekers, hikers, cyclists and families will find a varied holiday destination. Surfers and sailors also benefit from the location of the town on the Baltic Sea. Sellin was awarded for the fact that the Baltic Sea resort is extremely family-friendly. The resort architecture is a listed building and is an attraction not only for architecture lovers. They are drawn to Sellin’s boulevard, Wilhelmstraße.

Beach fun for all ages

Those who drive to Rügen are looking for sun and sand. Sellin offers two beaches for this purpose. The main beach is located at Rügen’s landmark, the almost 400-metre-long pier with its pretty spa architecture. The beach measures only one kilometer in length, but is 60 m wide. Here, the beach chairs are lined up and invite you to enjoy the sunny morning hours. This beach is in the shade in the afternoon, as it can be found on the high shore with its forest. Families are just as well catered for here as sun-seekers. When the little ones are not romping in the water, they can go to the bouncy castle or trampoline to jump. On the south beach there is full sun only in the afternoon. The bay is guarded and, at 2 kilometers, is significantly longer than the main beach. On the other hand, the beach measures only 25 meters in width. The very fine sand invites you to build castles, swim and play beach volleyball. Animators invite you to play games throughout the day. The physical well-being is also taken care of. There is a mobile supply on the south beach, while there is a restaurant on the main beach.

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Our tip: Rent one of the 13 beautiful Sellin holiday apartments at Villa Celia. This is only 200 meters away from the white Baltic Sea beach.

A different kind of “submersion”

Sellin, Rügen
View of Sellin, Image: konradkerker / shutterstock

If you enjoy your time on the main beach, you should not miss a very special sight in Sellin: the diving gondola at the pier. If you don’t want to or can’t dive yourself, you’re in good hands in the large gondola for a good 30 people. This pressure-resistant construct dives 4 m into the Baltic Sea. The gondola is also an educational institution and provides interesting details about the Baltic Sea, as well as the plants and animals that can be observed here, in half an hour. An underwater film in 3D takes the gondola divers even further into the depths of the Baltic Sea. With the WWF as a partner for nature conservation and a marine biologist from Greifswald , a designer from the surrounding area is building the gondolas. The diving gondola in Sellin is the largest in Europe.

When the sun isn’t shining

In bad weather, families in particular are drawn to the modern “Ahoi” swimming pool with its adventure world. A ride on the “Rasender Roland” spa train is also something for a not so sunny day. Owners of a spa card can use the narrow-gauge railway with its steam locomotive free of charge. The train connects Putbus with Göhren and also runs via Sellin, as well as Binz and Baabe. The train has been chugging across the island at 30 km/h since 1895 and offers a leisurely view of the popular seaside resorts and the varied landscape.

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Unusual means of transport

Sellin is scenically located on the Baltic Sea and Lake Sellin in the east of the “Granitz”, a coastal high forest with a large extent. From here, head southeast to “Mönchgut”, a peninsula with a nature reserve of the same name. There is also the village of Baabe, the seat of the municipal administration, to which Sellin also belongs. Baabe scores with its natural harbour Baaber Bollwerk, which is considered one of the most beautiful of its kind in Germany . Fishermen’s houses with roofs made of reeds line the path from Sellin. It is also worth visiting the suburbs that belong to Sellin, such as Moritzdorf, Neuensien, Altensien and Seedorf. Moritzdorf and Baabe on Mönchgut have been connected by a special vehicle since 1890. Since then, a rowing ferry has been running here from Baabe to Moritzdorf and back. The ferryman used to row goods and people. Today, it is often tourists who would otherwise have to take a detour of 8 kilometers around Lake Sellin. Bicycles are also allowed to ride. If you prefer sailing, you can go to the harbour in Seedorf. From here it goes to a popular sailing area. You can also start a discovery tour on the ground from here, because the hilly country around Sellin invites you to take long walks.

Cultural attractions

There is also always something going on culturally in and around Sellin. For example, a visit to the post mill in Altensien, the last remaining mill on the island, is worthwhile. On baking days, visitors can lend a hand here, otherwise an exhibition about the history of the mill beckons. There is an exhibition of a completely different kind in the Sellin Amber Museum. Here you can experience how amber is actually made and what it is used for. On Lake Sellin is also the “Seafarer’s House”, a small museum about the lives of the people who went to sea. In Sellin, culture, sand, sun, sea and landscape are combined to create a holiday for everyone.