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Die Skyline von New York bei Nacht, Bild: IM_photo / shutterstock

Holidays in New York: When is the best time to travel of the year?

A trip to New York to the Big Apple? If you’ve always wanted to fulfill this dream, you may be wondering what time of year is perfect for it. We all know from the news that it can get pretty hot in the US. The city of neon signs, Las Vegas, often measures more than 40 degrees in the shade in midsummer. And what about the climatic conditions in New York ? We’ll tell you at what time of year the Big Apple should ideally be visited.

The climatic conditions in New York

Cold in winter and hot in summer. This is how the climate in New York can be summed up in a nutshell. Even though most hotels in New York are of course air-conditioned, it is often too hot, especially for activities in the wild in summer.

In July and August, temperatures are more than 30 °C, which can be torture, especially for sensitive minds, but also for heat-resistant holidaymakers. At the same time, the average temperature in Germany on the Baltic Sea is just a mild 25 °C and it is already perceived as too warm.

It is particularly problematic that the humidity in New York is significantly higher than in Europe. This makes the heat even harder to bear, so for most vacationers, the months of June to August, when it’s hottest in the Big Apple, are omitted for a trip.

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Climate check – this is how warm it gets in the individual months

To get a brief overview of the climatic conditions in New York, you can see the average temperatures here and then decide for yourself at what time of year the trip is suitable for you.

  • In January: minimum – 3 °C , maximum + 3 °C
  • In February: minimum – 5 °C, maximum + 5 °C
  • In March: minimum 1 °C, maximum 10 °C
  • In April: minimum 5 °C, maximum 16 °C
  • In May: minimum 12 °C, maximum 23 °C
  • In June: minimum 16 °C, maximum 27 °C
  • In July: minimum 19 °C, maximum 30 °C
  • In August: minimum 20 °C, maximum 29 °C
  • In September: minimum 15 °C, maximum 26 °C
  • In October: minimum 7 °C, maximum 20 °C
  • In November: minimum 1 °C, maximum 13 °C
  • In December: minimum -5 °C, maximum 2 °C

Before and after the summer, the travel time for New York is optimal

Central Park New York
Central Park in New York, one of the most photographed places in the world, Image: Ingus Kruklitis / shutterstock

Every year, 19.5 million people travel to the USA from abroad for tourism. New York is definitely one of the top places, from here there are not only numerous sights to admire, but also a short trip to Washington DC is possible.

If you’re not one of the self-proclaimed heat lovers and are looking forward to a trip to the Big Apple when it’s not quite so hot, the months of April to June are ideal. April is still a bit cooler, the water temperature makes swimming possible, but is still too cool for tender minds (approx. 17 – 20 degrees).

It gets warmer in May and June, although it could get too hot again towards the end of June. July and August are not recommended as travel months, because here every movement in hot New York is a torture. More than swimming in the sea and staying in an air-conditioned hotel is hardly possible. The heat collects between the high-rise buildings and makes normal locomotion already a high effort.

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If you would like to go on tour after the summer, you can spend a few nice days in New York between September and the end of October. In October, however, it can already be changeable in places, here high summer temperatures are just as possible as rain.