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Tolle Restaurants in Autobahnnähe finden, Bild: orinocoArt / shutterstock

Gastro app drive & dine shows users alternative restaurants near the motorway when travelling

Everyone knows it: car trips can often be long and breaks are necessary to stretch your legs, refuel and get some fresh air. Of course, a small snack, lunch together or a good coffee should not be missing during the breaks. The problem: Many rest stops and truck stops on the German motorways usually provide little relaxation from the journey and the selection of meals is also moderate. Finding the perfect restaurant for a break on the highway is often difficult. The drive & dine app now wants to make this search easier: The application, which was launched in the summer, takes drivers to one of over 1,500 selected restaurants along the planned route.

Wide range of choices: there is something for everyone

Restaurant search made easy: In the app, everyone can find the restaurant for their taste with the help of different filters. Users can choose between various cuisines, such as Thai or Italian, and filter the restaurants according to special characteristics. Among other things, breaks can be planned with a gas station or e-charging stations near the restaurants. In addition, it is possible to filter by the price range. The refreshment stops are easy to reach from the motorway, as they are usually a maximum of five kilometres away from the exits.

All restaurants at a glance depending on the route

The route from Cologne to Dortmund is one of the most stressful sections on the German motorways, with an average of 19 construction sites on the outward journey and 18 construction sites on the return, as a comparison of the app shows. Especially on such routes, a relaxed break is important in order to be able to continue riding full of energy afterwards. This is exactly what the app makes possible.

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Unlike other online applications, drive & dine suggests restaurants while driving, so users don’t have to focus on a static location, but have an overview of nearby restaurants depending on the route. The app is currently available in German and English for iOS and Android devices.

The founder of the app is the Liebrecht-Frey family from Frankfurt am Main: Victoria Liebrecht has many years of international gastronomy experience, Werner Frey is an experienced manager in the automotive industry and the 17-year-old daughter and student Friederike Liebrecht takes care of the social media presence of drive & dine.

“The idea for drive & dine came to us in 2018 on the way back from our vacation in France . We wanted to eat something away from the busy motorway service areas, but the search with the smartphone turned out to be difficult and took a lot of time due to the dynamics. This gave rise to the idea of an app that can be used to easily direct you to a suitable restaurant near the motorway exit,” says Victoria Liebrecht, co-founder of drive & dine.

“Not far from the motorway there are real restaurant pearls. We want to put them in the spotlight, give them a stage and make them attractive for new guests. We have experienced for ourselves that it is worthwhile to just go off: This is the only way to get to know new corners and take a relaxed break,” comments co-founder Friederike Liebrecht.

Do you have a restaurant that fits drive & dine, but is not yet listed? Then feel free to send your suggestions by email to info@drivedineapp.com.