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Exhibition Dobrna through the ages

In the summer, the exhibition “Dobrna through the ages” was on display in the “two-hundred-year-old spa park of Dobrna (Slovenia).

When most people hear the name Dobrna, they first think of health resorts and spa tourism, as Terme Dobrna is considered one of the oldest health resorts in Slovenia today, and spa tourism has made great contributions to the development of the town and its surroundings. In addition to the spa material, the exhibition also presented archival materials from other holdings and collections, which reflect special features and interesting facts from the history of this place. The exhibition is arranged chronologically, the oldest document is the deed of the Dobrnica manor from 1789, with which Baroness Kajetana ceded the hunting ground to the owner of the Dobrna estate. As the oldest pictorial representation of Dobrna, in addition to the black-and-white graphic of the Snake Castle and Dobrna from 1681, there was also a colour postcard of Dobrna sent in 1899, on which the individual details of Dobrna can be seen.

Dobrna, a place where health and well-being have been at home for centuries

Image: Visitdobrna

Dobrna, a place in the heart of the green forests below Paški Kozjak, 20 km north of Celje, is characterized by its healing waters, which were already known to the Celts and Romans. The Dobrnske toplice thermal bath, now called Terme Dobrna, was first mentioned in a document in 1403; making it the oldest Slovenian thermal spa in operation. Without it, Dobrna would not be on the map of modern tourist destinations. Away from industry, city noise and traffic, with a mild climate, Dobrna has always been a recognized health resort for the treatment of gynecological diseases and infertility. Today, the program is broader and more effective in other treatment areas as well. Dobrna offers many opportunities for hiking, cycling and exploring the rich cultural and natural heritage of the surrounding area. It is also an excellent starting point for day trips around Slovenia, where you can be in the mountains, karst cave, wine cellars or on the coast in practically two hours.

The Dobrna Promotion 2021 project is co-financed by the Slovenian Tourist Board in accordance with the public tender “For the co-financing of activities to promote the tourism offer of the leading tourist destinations in Slovenia in 2021”.

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