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Auf Fußball im Urlaub wetten, Bild: Wpadington / shutterstock

Football betting on holiday – this is the legal situation

When you go on holiday, you want to leave a lot behind: work stress, housework, the dreary view from the kitchen window. The farther away all these annoying things are, the better. But there are also a few things you don’t want to miss on holiday. Football fans want to follow their league from the other side of the world, with everything that goes with it. In addition to a Cool beer and a bag of chips, this can also be a little tip on the outcome of the next Bundesliga match. However, this is not always so easy. Because sports betting is not allowed everywhere in the world. And if they do, there is no guarantee that the local bookmakers will have German football in their program. This is what it looks like in the different regions of the world.


For all those who travel within the EU, there is good news: online providers make it possible to bet from anywhere in the Bundesliga

Complete. Not only providers from Germany have German football in their program. Also with online bookmakers based in Malta or Curaçao it is at least possible to access the games of the 1st Bundesliga. Many of them even have the 2. and 3rd Bundesliga in the program. Because the principle of freedom to provide services applies in the EU, it doesn’t matter at all which country you are in. It is possible to access the relevant pages from anywhere. In most EU countries, there is also the possibility to place bets at a local terrestrial bookmaker. However, the betting program for the German league is often incomplete and the odds are not as good as on the Internet.

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USA and Canada

The situation in the USA is much more difficult. Because sports betting is not legal everywhere. For this reason, European betting providers have blocked their sites for IP addresses from the USA. After all, since a decision by the US Supreme Court in 2018, around half of all states, including New York, sports betting. In some cases, however, legalization only applies to terrestrial bookmakers and not to online providers. If you are in a state where sports betting is legal, you still need luck: Because the German Bundesliga is a foreign word for many bookmakers there. The situation in Canada is similar: There are betting offers in most provinces. However, European sites are not accessible and the Bundesliga offer is thin.

Rest of the World

If you are in a region of the world other than Europe and North America, you should be prepared to take a short break from betting. There are many countries where sports betting is legal. But it’s not all of them. Especially in Asia In some countries, there is still a complete ban on gambling, which also affects sports betting. If you do find a bookmaker, you will still have difficulties betting on the Bundesliga. Because the demand for it is at the other end of the world extremely low. So hardly any bookmaker will take the trouble to show a match between FC Augsburg and Hertha Berlin. Anyone who
exotic countries
, it is best to wait until the summer break – or to do without.