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Aktivurlaub in Österreich, Bild: Umomos /shutterstock

A thirst for adventure on holiday: activities in Austria

Austria offers people who are in the mood for an active holiday a lot of options, a lot to experience and enjoy the beauty of the country. We present the most popular activities for your holiday in Austria.

Hikes in a picturesque landscape

If you would like to go hiking during your active holiday in Austria , you have numerous opportunities to do so in Austria. There are hiking tours for beginners as well as for advanced hikers. On a hike in Austria you can be physically active and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. The Bergisch regions of Austria in particular inspire hikers with their great views of the impressive natural scenery. In the Dolomites, numerous hikes are offered for holidaymakers: leisurely hikes through the valley can be found as well as high-altitude trails for advanced hikers. In any case, it is clear that Austria has everything to offer that makes an unforgettable hike.

Skiing and snowboarding

Austria is quite rightly well known for its winter sports: the Alps and other ski resorts offer visitors a first-class experience. St. Anton, Kitzbühel and Schladming are particularly popular. Skiing is offered for all ages and experience levels. Many ski schools specialize in teaching beginners the basics. Austria also has a lot to offer for experienced skiers and snowboarders: steep slopes and fun parks are not uncommon in Austria.

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To enjoy winter sports in Austria, the months between December and April are generally recommended. At this time, fans of winter sports will find a true paradise in Austria.

Paragliding as an exciting experience

Paragliding in Austria
Paragliding in Austria, Image: Zdravac / shutterstock

Paragliding is an increasingly popular leisure sport. If you want to try paragliding in Austria, you can do so with a tandem flight instructor, for example. During the tandem flight, the instructor takes control while you can fully concentrate on the exciting moments of the flight.
But even if you don’t dare to take to the skies yourself (yet), you may be able to get excited about paragliding. In Austria, numerous events take place where paraglider pilots demonstrate their flying skills. Watching such an event can be extremely exciting.

By bike through Austria

Riding a mountain bike through Austria is an incredible pleasure, especially for nature-loving athletes. It is entirely up to you whether you want to go on a leisurely bike tour, where you can take in the surroundings in peace and quiet. So you can be physically active and clear your head wonderfully. Of course, Austria also offers challenging mountain bike trails if you are in the mood for a sporting challenge in the midst of the beautiful nature of Austria. The Danube Cycle Path is particularly famous and very popular with holidaymakers. There are many bike rentals in Austria, so every holidaymaker has the opportunity to spontaneously rent a bike and discover Austria on two wheels.

A sporty day at the lake

In addition to the mountains, Austria offers numerous lakes that offer a picturesque sight. Particularly well-known are Lake Wolfgang, Lake Attersee and Lake Wörthersee. On a day at the lake, you can pursue many sporting activities and work out: you have the choice between swimming or boating. Of course, you can also simply enjoy nature and unwind. It is also nice to go for a walk by a lake in the morning hours. At sunrise you will be presented with a beautiful sight when the sunlight falls on the water. The atmosphere is ideal for relaxing or sorting out your thoughts.

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You can arrange a visit to a lake in Austria according to your own wishes: Whether sporty or quiet and relaxing: Visiting a lake in Austria is always a good way to spend a nice day in nature.

Austria offers many opportunities for a relaxing active holiday

If you are interested in being active on holiday, you have the best opportunities to do so in Austria. Since all activities take place outdoors, you can perfectly switch off and get out of your everyday stress. You can do sports in picturesque nature and get your mind off things. Whether it’s a hike through mountains and valleys, snowboarding or a boat trip on one of the many lakes: Austria will inspire you if you feel like doing some physical activity and gaining new, impressive experiences. The nice thing about it is that there is something for everyone – from beginners to professionals, everyone gets their money’s worth through the numerous offers. The beautiful landscape of Austria as well as the clear, fresh air will inspire your spirit so that you can recharge your batteries.