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Moorea ist ein Tauch- und Schnorchelparadiesm Bild: Martin Valigursky / shutterstock

Dreamlike islands in the South Seas: A paradise for explorers

The South Seas – a common name for the South Pacific – is an archipelago of islands and atolls on all sides south of Panama. And oh, how beautiful Panama is, the little tiger and the bear already knew! The South Seas are famous for their pristine beaches, turquoise waters, lush tropical vegetation – in short, for being a paradise on earth. So it’s no wonder that it’s a real visitor magnet for travelers looking for relaxation and adventure. We take you on a journey to some of the most beautiful islands in the South Pacific; And who knows? Maybe you’ll find an incentive for your next dream break.

Remote paradise

A holiday in Tahiti remains a very special experience, Image: Martin Valigursky / shutterstock

However, while the South Seas is undoubtedly a dream destination, it is also known for its remote locations and occasional flight schedule restrictions. Or maybe that’s why these places are so appealing, as they’re off the beaten track and offer pure relaxation and luxury. Getting there isn’t always easy, and options like renting a private jet for extra comfort and privacy, but also for the freedom to travel on your own schedule, definitely come into play here. This way, or by renting a boat, additional remote islands and secluded bays can be reached more easily to explore at your own pace. By the way, the official languages here are Tahitian and French, but English is well understood, especially in hotels. However, a few phrases in the local language are always well received!

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Bora Bora – the pearl of the Pacific

Bora Bora, or often referred to as the “Pearl of the Pacific”, is one of the most famous islands in the South Seas. The island is surrounded by a turquoise lagoon ring, which is protected from the open sea by coral reefs. Most famous are their overwater bungalows, which float directly above the clear lagoons and offer breathtaking, unparalleled views of the sea – ideal for romantic honeymoons or other special occasions. The clear waters also mean that the lagoon is a true paradise for water sports; be it snorkeling, diving, kayaking or paddleboarding. The underwater world is rich in exotic fish and corals that can be observed from a distance. With a boat trip or a catamaran tour, you can also watch shark and ray feedings. The island’s landmark, however, is the extinct volcano Mount Otemanu, where numerous hikes and excursions can be made to climb to the summit, explore the surrounding hills and enjoy breathtaking views.

Tahiti – The Heart of the South Seas

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia and often the only gateway to the South Seas for travelers from all over the world, as it is home to the only airport served internationally. The capital, Papeete, offers beautiful cultural insights with its lively markets such as the Marché de Papeete, where local handicrafts and fresh tropical fruits can be found, while the surrounding islands are true natural paradises. Beautiful beaches such as La Plage de Maui and Papenoo Beach, as well as lush rainforest and numerous waterfalls complete the whole thing. Tahiti is also a popular destination for surfers!

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Moorea – The magic of the Mar del Sur

And then there’s Moorea, a nearby neighboring island of Tahiti, with a more laid-back vibe and a stunning backdrop of mountains and bays. For example, dolphins can be encountered en masse in the wild and boat tours are regularly taken to see these intelligent, fascinating animals. Due to the nature of the island, it is also ideal for hiking and excursions. Particularly popular: the hike to the Belvedere viewpoint, with a magnificent view of the entire island. And of course, as on most South Sea islands, the water here is perfect for water sports activities. And with a visit to the Tiki Village, you can get an authentic insight into Polynesian culture, music and traditional dances.

Safe travels!