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Kakadu Nationalpark, Bild: Christina Fink / shutterstock

Discover the most beautiful national parks in the world

National parks are a very special destination because they offer unique insights into life and nature. Making the right selection is anything but easy, because in the USA and Canada alone there are impressive national parks that are worth several weeks of travel at a time. The following places are worthwhile for all those who have always wanted to spend an enchanting holiday in harmony with nature and be carried away into foreign spheres.

Kakadu National Park in Australia

Kakadu National Park is a place in Australia that becomes a real paradise for wildlife watchers and anglers. The billabongs in the Australian countryside are populated by birds and are also considered the largest habitat for saltwater crocodiles in the Northern Territory. Mystical landscapes and unique wildlife fascinate Kakadu National Park.

The Northern Territory itself is well worth a visit, as there are incredible and breathtaking experiences here. The Red Centre and the tropical north of the Northern Territory offer the ultimate contrasts. With the Litchfield National Park, another nature park invites you to visit. Here, it is mainly termite mounds that attract attention.

The Great Gobi National Park in Asia

Along southern Mongolia is the largest national park in Asia, which has a size of 27,000 m² to offer. In this park there is a part of the Gobi Desert, a large proportion of mountain and steppe landscapes, and a large ice area. Hardly any other region in the world offers so much breathtaking beauty in one place.

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The approach is possible via the tranquil town of Dalanzadgad, which also invites you to stay for a few days. In the park itself, not only impressive landscapes await, but also completely foreign animal species such as lamb vultures, snow leopards and giant wild sheep. At the same time, a breathtaking panorama with an unforgettable view is offered.

The Doi Inthanon National Park in Thailand

Doi Inthanon National Park
Doi Inthanon National Park, Image: ploypemuk / shutterstock

Located in the north of Thailand is the highest mountain in the country, Doi Inthanon. It has a total height of 2,565 meters and is considered the highest point in Thailand. At its height is the most popular Thai national park, which was opened in 1954. As an excursion destination, it offers an impressive view of the natural unfolding of life.

Here you can admire enchanting waterfalls, gibbon monkeys and tigers and an appealing fauna. Thailand , which is otherwise quite dry, literally blossoms in this place. Instead of seeing classic rainforest, visitors come across peat mosses, orchids, oaks, pines, and even ferns. An excursion destination for enthusiastic mountaineers and all those who want to relax in nature.

The fascination of the national park – why it’s so exciting here

A visit to a national park is more than a holiday, because there is a variety to discover here that would otherwise remain hidden. Not every natural region has the chance to be declared an outstanding habitat and national park. Parks can be found all over the world, but America, Australia and Asia offer the most beautiful and greatest variety for travelers from all over the world. For a trip to one of the national parks of the world, a travel time of at least 14 days should be planned.