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Eine Busreise bietet viele Vorteile gegenüber der Reise mit anderen Verkehrsmitteln, Bild: VGstockstudio / shutterstock

Bus travel – Discover the world in comfort

If you want to travel, there are a wide variety of options – also in terms of transport. Due to the increasingly accessible and affordable bus routes, traveling by bus has become a realistic option and is increasingly coming into focus. In the meantime, even long-distance journeys in a bus are relatively cheap and comfortable. So as long as there is a road, it doesn’t matter where you want to go.

About the advantages of traveling by bus

Nearby departure points

Unlike traveling by plane, the bus stops are often only a short distance away. You are also not obliged to endure eternal waiting times.
Most of the time, you don’t have to change trains and can finally move directly from the bus to the hotel.


Bus travel comfort
A bus trip offers a lot of comfort, Image: VGstockstudio / shutterstock

Most buses nowadays already offer all the necessary amenities. Modern seats with legroom are part of the standard offer and often TVs are already integrated.
Package tours are also a possibility. The bus company takes care of travel, guided tours and accommodation, while the travel enthusiast can sit back and relax.

The environmental factor

If you travel by bus or even train, you protect the environment. In comparison, the bus with its relatively low CO2 emissions always performs better than cars or planes. It is also not decisive whether it is a long-distance trip or a short trip. Of course, the fellow travelers must also be included and the following applies here: the more, the merrier.

Get to know people

A bus trip always offers the opportunity to meet other people. Especially on a longer trip, people like to make contacts. Some people choose this form of travel precisely because of the social component.

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The most beautiful destinations in Germany for bus travellers

Below we have listed beautiful bus destinations in Germany . In addition, you can find current tips for bus travel on the website of the bus tour operator Reisebus24.de. Here you can choose from a large selection of travel offers for singles, couples, families and groups. In addition, it is possible to request your own bus transport via the national network of local bus companies. Perfect for group outings and school trips.

Saxon Switzerland

On the border with the Czech Republic lies a green jewel – Saxon Switzerland. Impressive rock formations, as we know them from the myths, rise up from the forests and awaken an amazing panorama.

Climbing and hiking trails crisscross the area and invite travelers into nature.

History also seems omnipresent. Through historical boat trips, the medieval centre of the city of Pirna and theatre performances on the Rathen rock stage, you could almost succumb to the thought of having landed far away from reality. And yet: The routes of the bus companies also lead to this enchanted part of Germany.

The Black Forest

Bus trip Ireland
On a bus trip, you can enjoy nature and the surroundings in a very special way, Image: Irina Fischer / shutterstock

This area is also known from various legends. The most famous character is probably the little glass man from the fairy tale “The Cold Heart”.

Breathtaking natural landscapes can also be found everywhere here. In addition, the customs, which are still alive in many places today, can also be admired.

The bus trips can be just as varied. From day trips to 8-day round trips, everything is possible. Sometimes even including a river cruise. The choice is also focused on the traveler. Whether it’s a guided tour of Heidelberg and Baden-Baden or a trip to Lake Titisee and the Triberg Waterfalls.

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With its access to the sea, Hamburg is the gateway to the world. There are all sights there along the way. The large harbour actually elicits amazement from everyone at first. The Speicherstadt with its brick warehouses is also well worth seeing. If only because it is the largest complex of its kind in the world, but also because of the peculiarly romantic atmosphere that a walk through the alleys and past the canals creates.
Hamburg is also known for its spectacular musical performances. “Tarzan” and “The Lion King” have already attracted thousands of viewers.


Munich – The state capital of Bavaria is a popular destination for a variety of reasons.
On the one hand, it is a magnet for football fans and Oktoberfest visitors, but on the other hand, it also offers a stage for garden lovers and history buffs.

Nymphenburg Palace, the Frauenkirche or the old Ducal Palace still radiate grandeur today and offer a small insight into the city’s past.

Munich’s English Garden is an impressive 375 hectares in size and its network of paths stretches over 78 km. The Chinese tower and the Japanese tea house in the middle of the greenery are real highlights. Since 1990, a classic comedy has been performed every July in the amphitheatre of the English Garden. Entrance free.

Baltic Sea

In fact, the Baltic Sea is the most popular bus destination for German tourists. The areas of the former GDR are particularly popular. Rügen and its picturesque chalk cliffs, Usedom and its romantic piers. And if you want to go a little further, you can also pay a visit to the Polish Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Sea is also worth a detour in winter, because away from the beaches there are numerous swimming pools, zoos and museums.