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Was gilt es bei einer Reise nach Thailand zu beachten, Bild: Preto Perola / shutterstock

What do you need to pack when you go on holiday in Thailand?

A holiday in Thailand needs to be well planned. Whether it’s relaxing on Patong beach or backpacking across the country, you should be clear about what you really need in Southeast Asia before you leave.

One worry about a Thailand vacation can be taken away from the outset: If you forget to put something in your suitcase, you can be sure to find it in Bangkok, Phuket and the other large cities and settlements without any problems and to be able to fill up your travel needs. Conversely, this also means that you should not pack too much – especially as a backpacker, light travel through Thailand is appropriate.

Packing your suitcase for Thailand: Clothing for a tropical climate

Since Thailand has a tropical-humid climate, you should attach importance to light and airy clothing. Less is not necessarily more: As protection against mosquitoes and other insects, when visiting temples and in order not to attract unpleasant attention, the garments should be chosen carefully and not be too short. Swimwear is also appropriate at all times on the beach, as neither nude bathing nor topless sunbathing are allowed in Thailand. Light but sturdy shoes are also part of a well-packed suitcase.

If you are planning a longer stay, you will also want to equip yourself with electronic devices. For this, you need not only the usual accessories, such as the charging cable, but also a power adapter for the sockets. You should also not do without a flashlight, especially if you want to travel to rural areas. By the way, for a trip of up to 30 days, no visa is required if you arrive by plane.

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Passport and other papers: What you shouldn’t forget

Of course, there is also a big difference in the orientation of your holiday. A backpacker needs completely different equipment than a package tourist – and that starts with the selection of the suitcases themselves.

In addition to the personal belongings that you pack in your suitcase for your Thailand vacation, there are also some official papers that you should not forget under any circumstances: The passport, or a temporary or a children’s passport, must be carried with you at all times. It must be valid for at least six months upon entry. When entering the country, you must also have your return ticket ready and may have to show it. Copies of the papers should also be taken with you as a precaution.

Protection against malaria: mosquito spray and other insect repellents

Although the Federal Foreign Office does not list any vaccination requirements, it advises protection against hepatitis A and B, typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, polio, mumps, influenza, measles and rubella. You cannot be vaccinated against malaria or dengue fever, but you should be aware of the danger: A mosquito spray is indispensable at any time of the day or night for free parts of the body. Disinfectants should also be purchased there at the latest.

Over 15 million travelers to Thailand spend their holidays in Southeast Asia every year. If you are looking for a package holiday in one of the tourist strongholds to be able to recover from the worries of everyday life, or if you prefer to experience the exciting country on your own – the individual possibilities in Thailand are almost inexhaustible.