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Der Piazza San Carlo, Bild: RossHelen /shutterstock

Turin – elegant residential city with impressive flair

Fabulously beautiful palaces, unique architectural monuments, remarkable shopping streets and a particularly inviting atmosphere stand for the metropolis of Turin. Known for centuries as the seat of the royal house of the Syvoyen, Turin is one of the cities where history was written and is still being written today.

With almost 900,000 inhabitants, Turin is considered the fourth largest city in Italy and presents itself as a modern business location and, thanks to its abundance of sights, as the tourist center of Piedmont.

Turin – The city of fabulously beautiful palaces

Sacra di San Michele
Sacra di San Michele, about 40 km from Turin, Image: Boris Stroujko / shutterstock

Anyone strolling through Turin will immediately be amazed by the architectural pearls of the university city. Seemingly endless arcades and spacious avenues underline the elegant atmosphere of Turin, which the city owes not least to its former status as the royal city of the rulers of Savoy.

One of the most beautiful palaces is the Palazzo Madama on Piazza Castello. The palace forms the heart of the building ensemble around the historic square, so to speak. In the buildings around the piazza, historic coffee houses and classic Italian ice cream parlours invite you to linger. In the palace, it is worth visiting the art museum housed here.

Also worth seeing is the Palazzo Reale, which can also be found in Piazza Castello. It presents itself with magnificently furnished interiors decorated in the Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical styles. While one of the most interesting collections of weapons in Europe magically attracts visitors in one of the side wings of the residence of the House of Savoy, behind the palace are the “Royal Gardens”, which were once planned by the French architect André Le Nôtre.

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In addition, the royal residences Castello d’Agliè, Racconigi Castle, Rivoli Castle, Valentino Castle, Stupinigi Castle, Carignano Castle and Villa della Regina attract visitors. By the way, 14 of the royal residences in Turin and Piedmont have been included in the UNESCO World Hermitage List.

Turin’s countless treasures

Turin, Castello del Valentino
Castello del Valentino, Image: Luigi Bertello / shutterstock

One of Turin’s buildings worth seeing is the cathedral. The impressive building is directly adjacent to the Palazzo Reale and dates back to the Renaissance. The striking bell tower in particular immediately catches the eye. The most famous attraction of the Capella della Sacra Sindone is the Shroud of Turin. Likewise, a visit to the Mole Antonelliana should not be missed on a tour of Turin.

The building with a height of 167.5 m is considered the largest landmark of the city and was completed in 1889. At the time, it was one of the tallest walk-in buildings in the world. Those who climb the tower can enjoy an impressive view of Turin. The historically interesting city also has some ancient Roman buildings to offer. Particularly noteworthy here is the Porta Palatina, the only preserved city gate in the Italian metropolis. One of the most beautiful sacred buildings in the city is the Basilica di Superga. Its dome was modelled on St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and the 60-metre-high bell towers of the basilica also impress with their graceful beauty.

Shop and enjoy in the Metropolitan City of Turin

View of Turin, Image: ZM_Photo / shutterstock

The capital of Piedmont is not only an interesting destination because of its fabulous sights, but also in the wonderful streets cozy cafés, traditional coffee houses and charming restaurants beckon.

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If you visit Turin, you should therefore take the time to simply enjoy and watch the lively hustle and bustle in the streets of the metropolis with an excellent bicerin (popular drink made from espresso, cocoa and whole milk). Especially in the center of the city, there are still many traditional coffee houses that spoil their guests with delicious cakes and handmade chocolates.

After a little refreshment, it is worth visiting the shopping streets and shopping centers of the metropolis. The most famous shopping street in Turin is Via Roma. Noble boutiques are lined up here and all the well-known Italian designer brands are represented. But also along the boulevard Corso Vittorio Emanuele II or on Piazza Carlo Falice there are wonderful little shops that invite you to browse and discover.

Turin is also a good place for lovers of antiques, so it’s worth strolling along Via Garibaldi, Via Maria Vittoria and around Piazza San Carlo, where you’ll find a colourful mix of shops and shops, including interesting antique shops.