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Highlights in Los Angeles, Bild: Chones / shutterstock

Tourist highlights in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, as the name suggests, is the City of Angels. In addition, the metropolis on the American West Coast is an attraction for stars and those who want to become one. Because the Hollywood dream factory produces one box office hit after the other here. In addition to film stars and show stars, the rich and beautiful cavort in L.A. Among other things, Elon Musk, the main owner of SpaceX shares, owns several villas in Los Angeles. But musicians and artists from the alternative scene also like to enjoy the Californian lifestyle, which is characterized by sun and beach. With four million inhabitants, the city, which is nestled between the mountain ranges of the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, is the second largest in the USA. The inhabitants are spread over an area of no less than 1,215 square kilometers. If you visit Los Angeles , you would do well to take your time on the one hand and book a rental car on the other. This is the best way to explore all the highlights of the dazzling metropolis.

Between Malibu Beach and Santa Monica Beach – Los Angeles and its beaches

Los Angeles, Malibu
Malibu beach, known from the series Baywatch

When it comes to beaches in L.A., many people first think of the TV series “Baywatch” and “Two and a Half Men”. Both the lifeguards of Malibu and the protagonist of the bachelor series “Two and a Half Men” live in Malibu right on the beach. Everyone enjoys sun, beach and surfing all day long: at least on TV. If you spend your vacation in L.A., you can also relax in Malibu with long walks on the beach. In Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Pier amusement park invites Ferris wheel fans.

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From the top point of the Ferris wheel, you have a breathtaking view of the City of Angels. If you want to visit well-trained bodies, the legendary Venice Beach, which is nicknamed Muscle Beach, is the right place for you. Anyone who strolls here lightly dressed, or trains on the publicly accessible equipment, wants to be admired. In Long Beach, all those who love sightseeing will get their money’s worth. In the Museum of Latin American Art there are works of Latin American origin to see. The museum ship RMS Queen Mary is known as a ghost ship, and is appreciated by horror fans and families with children. Afterwards we go to the amusement park Knott’s Berry Farm.

Visiting the Dream Factory: Hollywood and the Walk of Fame

California, Los Angeles, Walk of Fame
The Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, Image: oneinchpunch / shutterstock

No matter how well you know about Hollywood films – it will be difficult for anyone to list all the highlights of the films produced at Universal Studios. How good that on a tour of Universal Studios you can not only find out in detail about the history of the film, but also immerse yourself in the world of Hollywood. On a studio tour through the original film sets of “King Kong”, “Psycho” or “Jaws” you can feel like a real movie star yourself. Participation is not only desired, visitors cannot get past it. Regardless of whether the standard or one of the many themed tours through Universal Studios is booked – visitors experience a real actor’s everyday life, where you can also get wet splashed or get into downpours. It is best to take a change of clothes with you on the tour. Dry again, you can then stroll along the most famous mile in the world, the Walk of Fame. Here, only the real stars get a star that the rest of the world can admire. 2,500 stars have now been immortalized by name on the Walk of Fame. Among them are not only actors, but also talk masters, musicians and artists.

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Via Mulholland Drive to the Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign is definitely the most popular photo motif in all of Los Angeles. It is located high up in the Hollywood Hills and can be reached from Mulholland Drive via the Wonder View Drive Trail, which is about four kilometers long. The Mulholland Drive itself leads over a distance of 34 kilometers through the Hollywood Hills and is considered one of the most important panoramic roads in the world. It’s a good idea to stop at the most beautiful parts of the road and soak up the views of the L.A. skyline. This is pleasing during the day and also at night. In addition, the villas of the stars can be admired from the street along the way. If you are interested in astronomy, make a detour to the Griffith Observatory, which is located near the Hollywood Sign. There is a world-class planetarium and temporary exhibitions on various science topics. If you want, you can examine the stars and planets through telescopes in multiple magnifications