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Aktivurlaub in den Bergen, Bild: Jens Breuer / shutterstock

Tips for a successful active holiday

If doing nothing and lazing around is not quite your thing, an active holiday can be just the thing for you. Instead of hanging out on the beach or by the pool all day, you are often out and about on an active holiday and experience your destination with all your senses. Whether in the mountains, on the water or in vibrant metropolises: active holidays are possible in many places and boredom is guaranteed not to arise.

Find the right destination for an active holiday

The ideal destination for your active holiday offers you and your fellow travellers plenty of leisure opportunities to suit your taste. For example, if you like hiking, a hiking region is a very good destination, while water rats are in good hands on the coast or at a beautiful lake. If you are travelling with children, you should also take their preferences into account when choosing a holiday destination. Mini golf, archery or geocaching are activities that are particularly fun for young holidaymakers. Perhaps there is also an amusement park near your preferred holiday destination, then all fellow travelers will definitely get their money’s worth. There are beautiful destinations for an active holiday both at home and abroad. For some activities, such as surfing or diving, however, foreign destinations, such as the Canary Islands, are certainly the more attractive choice.

What belongs in your travel bag on an active holiday

It is common knowledge what belongs in the luggage for a holiday. For an active holiday, you should also make sure to bring special equipment and clothing for your preferred activities. For example, if you like hiking, you need hiking boots, while a surfer can’t do without his board. Often, however, the required equipment can also be rented on site. Sun protection in the form of sunscreen, headgear and sunglasses is also important. It is worthwhile for active holidaymakers to order inexpensive sunglasses , then the eyes are well protected and you have a clear view at all times. Since active holidaymakers spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, a first aid kit should always be with them on the road. Don’t forget the first-aid kit and adapt it according to the circumstances of your holiday destination.

Active holidays in the mountains

Whether Allgäu, Harz, Eifel or Saxon Switzerland: In Germany there are numerous charming mountain landscapes that guarantee active holidaymakers a wonderful time. In the warm months, the mountains invite you to go hiking and mountain biking and in winter you can ski and snowboard or take leisurely winter hikes in the fairytale snow-covered landscape. Many mountainous regions also offer their visitors special experiences such as rafting or canyoning. A special thrill awaits you in the Allgäu, where you can marvel at the world-famous royal castles of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein from a bird’s eye view while hang-gliding and paragliding.

Active holidays by the water

For swimming and various water sports, the North Sea and Baltic Sea are of course good destinations. But also numerous lakes in Germany, such as Lake Constance, the Müritz or the Chiemsee, meet all the requirements for active holidaymakers who are drawn to the water. Surfing and diving can also be done in this country, but there are better opportunities abroad. Great destinations for a surfing holiday are, for example, the Algarve, Fuerteventura and Hawaii. If you want to marvel at exotic fish and other dazzling sea creatures in the crystal-clear water, you will find your holiday happiness in the Mediterranean, Egypt or the Maldives.

Other destinations for a successful active holiday

An eventful active holiday is also possible in a sports hotel, which offers its guests a variety of opportunities to exercise and work out. Afterwards, you can be pampered in the wellness area, ensuring a perfect balance between activities and relaxation. After all, you can also spend a successful active holiday in metropolises such as Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. Here, the activities consist primarily of sightseeing and getting to know the rich cultural offer of these interesting cities.